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    Zhao Yhang

    Recent news & changes

    Website Changes

    Over the last week we have been making a lot of changes to the web server that hosts our website to speed everything up and bring down the page load times as much as possible. This includes major hardware upgrades and many performance optimizations.

    We also introduced TLS (formerly SSL) on our website to reroute all http traffic to https. This provides us with improved security and website integrity; in short all traffic (communication) between you and our website is now encrypted.

    You can recognize it by the padlock next to the URL in the address bar. We recommend you always check for this before logging in with your HZG details.

    Anti-Cheat Improvements

    Recently our anti-cheat has received several major improvements and additions to try to combat many of the cheating / hacking issues that plague our community. Furthermore, admins now have additional tools to aid them in addressing these issues.

    The focus of these improvements has primarily been to combat the warping & rapidfiring issues that have mainly affected points and turfs, but also introduces back-end detection for aimbot. Which means that even if no admin was watching at the time, our system will be analyzing every player (all the time) and flagging ones that are deemed suspicious.

    Rest assured that we will continue improving our anti-cheat and our admins will keep bringing down the cheaters.

    Cheaters be warned that you will always be caught eventually. It is not a matter of if, but a matter of when.

    Double XP Weekend

    We will be hosting a Double XP Weekend this upcoming weekend!

    This basically means that you will get 2 respect points instead of the regular 1 respect point per paycheck and that you will be able to level up all jobs twice as fast (two skill points). We hope you will take this opportunity to invite over some friends so that they can get a head start in the game, while of course also making use of the opportunity yourself.

    Double XP is available all hours of the day!

    It will be enabled on the following dates:

    Friday February 28th to Sunday March 1st

    Government Faction

    A base edition of the government faction is set to return soon, which will initially have restricted powers and will solely exist for roleplay purposes. We will be testing the waters to see whether this faction can build a solid foundation to get on the road of becoming a fully established civil service faction. In all honesty, it will very much be a search to try to figure out what this faction should be developed into as we move forward, but we hope to create a roleplay-centric faction for those that are interested in this type of roleplay.

    Vintage Reminder

    We'd like to remind everyone that the Vintage status is now available to 2015 players, so if you played in 2015 then you are welcome to submit an application.

    We made these changes as a token of appreciation and recognition for those who have been here since the early days of the community.

    The applications are handled privately and therefore you can only see your own application. The applications will receive responses from Old School and/or Vintage members (depending on whether it's an Old School or Vintage application) who can verify whether or not the player actually played back then. It will then be pending a final review of the application before it is decided whether the person will be given the status. Through the collective memory of the Old School and Vintage members, checking of logs, forum join dates, screenshots and videos we hope to issue this to all players that deserve it.

    You can submit an Old School or Vintage application by clicking here.

    Contact Information:
    Forum PM: Click here

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    Chief ((R6)) of Los Santos Fire & Medical Department

    Past Employment

    Los Santos Police Department, Officer ((r1)) Under James Cornway

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    Brent Rivera / Sammy Lexun
    Finally! Great work

    September 30th 2019: Sammy Lexun has been promoted to Senior Helper.
    January 9th 2020: Sammy Lexun has been resigned from the helper team.

    ARES Specialist
    Ex ~ LSPD Corporal (R2) under Leon
    Ex ~ OBC OG (R5) under Jerome
    Ex ~ LSFMD Specialist (R2) under Dylan

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    Moorice ElArma

    Can we get less hackers
    Last edited by Moorice; February 27th, 2020 at 02:09 AM.

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    Lion = Leon in a autistic way
    Seattle, WA

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    Luke N Engle

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    Swap ares with gov and make lspd active. Server this size doesn’t need a pmc only pd.

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    Unknown not human

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    Allen Banks
    Zagreb, Croatia
    Allen Lynch Banks McBubblington

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