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Thread: Latest news

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    Latest news

    New Assistant Management

    As of today Mandela (Josh Lawson) has been promoted to Assistant Management. Mandela first joined our community all the way back in 2012 and first became an administrator in 2014. He's been serving us faithfully since and has amassed 4 years of service in total. He has served in a vast array of roles during his tenure with us and currently serves as an Assistant Director of Faction Management and most recently- Director of Game Affairs. We thank him on behalf of the community for all he has done for us throughout the years and welcome him to the Management Team.

    Admin Promotions

    We are also promoting Chad (Chad Raven) to Head Admin. Chad has been serving our community since 2018 and has spent over a year of his time with us in Gang Management, where he currently serves as the Director. He has been doing an excellent job and we are sure we can expect that to continue.

    Last, but not least we are promoting Seiko (Seiko Freeman) to Senior Admin. Seiko has been a member of our community since 2012 and has been serving for two years straight since being hired in 2017. He too has held a variety of positions and currently serves the Game Affairs department.

    We would like to congratulate everyone who was promoted and we wish them the best of luck in their new positions!

    Old School & Vintage changes

    With immediate effect the following changes have been made to the Old School & Vintage statuses:
    • The original Vintage group is now known as Old School 2014 and is for anyone who joined in 2014.
    • The new Vintage group continues to have the same name, but is now for anyone who joined in 2015.

    Old School and Vintage members share a private forum section where they can reminisce about the past.

    This is what the usertitles now look like:

    We've made these changes as a token of appreciation and recognition for those who have been here since the early days of the community.

    The applications are handled privately and therefore you can only see your own application. The applications will receive responses from Old School and/or Vintage members (depending on whether it's an Old School or Vintage application) who can verify whether or not the player actually played back then. It will then be pending a final review of the application before it is decided whether the person will be given the status. Through the collective memory of the Old School and Vintage members, checking of logs, forum join dates, screenshots and videos we hope to issue this to all players that deserve it.

    You can submit an Old School or Vintage application by clicking here.

    During this Christmas, you all collectively delivered 19,495 presents, the most presents ever delivered! As promised we will award Santa's top ten helpers (the top ten people who delivered the most presents), as well as give out the Santa's Good Books Raffle prizes.

    Santa's Top Ten Helpers

    1. Mikkas Uley - 5,264 Delivered
    2. Akkju Warner - 3,629 Delivered
    3. Toni Delino - 1,090 Delivered
    4. Rollie Griffin - 912 Delivered
    5. Jay G Diablo - 860 Delivered
    6. Tyler Miller - 564 Delivered
    7. Joe Wise - 508 Delivered
    8. Ryan Torres - 467 Delivered
    9. Jimmy Mayers - 437 Delivered
    10. Toby Lauren - 312 Delivered

    Santa's Top Ten Helpers can request a special award on the forum by posting an administrative request!

    Santa's Good Books Raffle

    Note: All prizes except the vehicles and awards have been issued automatically. You do not need to claim the other prizes.

    Special Prize - Business

    Mikkas Uley


    Akkju Warner
    Toni Delino

    Diamond Donator

    Dyle Hill

    Sapphire Donator

    Samer Q. Shelby

    Ruby Donator

    Alex Stenford

    Vehicle of choice
    Vehicle winners should send me a forum PM by clicking here and specifying which vehicle they would like.

    Jerry Freeman
    Dom Diesel
    Ashton F. Irwin
    Yampe Moogs
    Riz Tsu

    Boombox (or MP3)

    Bane Cyrus
    Rollie Griffin
    Joe Wise
    Rama Erz Warjam
    Lewis Grimes

    25,000 materials

    Tyler Miller
    Andrew Mayne
    Ace Doobie Kush
    Justin Blakemore
    Luca A Changretta

    Full weapon set

    Omar Blackness
    Jessica Aubrey
    Frank Forbis
    Brian C Shelby
    Jason Richman
    Kostas Smith
    Jordan Junko
    Terrance Clinton

    100 pot & 50 crack

    Jayson Hopkins
    Jay Mcteath
    Archy Chives
    Davis Kuo Tokugawa
    Anthony Harb
    Mabel Harriet
    Benny Bortakloy
    Tora Sudiro
    Jimmy Mayers
    Amanda Joseph
    Brandon Heath Tsung

    100 lockpicks

    Amal Uley Cake Khan
    Nick Chives
    Zeus Salvaje
    Jerry Sanchez
    Saul Goodwill
    Kaito Kozakura
    Hec Ruiz
    Abraham Freeman
    Ray Carter
    Eiji Dre Casanova
    Haytam Roselli
    Jaeger K. Strawhat
    Karlo Bear
    Bettie R Valencia

    Contact Information:
    Forum PM: Click here
    E-mail: [email protected]

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    Congratulations, everyone. Long Live Horizon Gaming!

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    Carlito Forest
    well done

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    Congratulations lads!

    Gang Management | Ban & Warning Appealer | Hacking Investigator

    Forum PM Click here
    Discord Мiller#3399

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    Dwayne Forest
    epic gamer moment
    Vote Big L for mayor reply HERE to support.


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    Chad Raven
    Castille island
    Congratulations everyone!

    Chad Raven
    Head Admin
    (Director of Gang Management)
    (Assistant lead Hacking Investigator)
    The Ravens
    Dante - Chad - Jay - Franklin - Jinx

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    Jay Raven
    Congratulations boys

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    Erico = Eric in a cute way :P
    Congratulations guys and well deserved!

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    Aiden Snow

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    Moorice ElArma
    Good job

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