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    Zhao Yhang

    Christmas Events

    There have been reports of light snowfall throughout Los Santos!

    Forgiveness Day

    In light of the Christmas spirit and as part of the celebration that our community will soon be eight years old we have decided to reset bans in-game, on the forums and on Discord. Anyone banned before December 5th 2019 has been unbanned. We have also reset all account warnings, weapon restrictions, admin prisons and newbie, ad & report mutes that were issued before December 5th 2019. We invite all members who have ever been a part of our shared history to rejoin us. This is a unique opportunity for us to reunite with many old friends. We hope that the people who broke the server rules or otherwise harmed the community in the past will take a different path this time. We're very excited to see old friends reunite at Horizon Gaming and hope everyone will make the most out of it. A warm welcome back to everyone that has returned!

    Most unbanned players may find their money, materials, pot, crack and vehicles have been wiped as additional punishment for breaking the server rules (excludes 3 warning bans).

    We advise those who were unbanned to make wise decisions this time by abiding by all of our rules. Our admins are on high alert and will be watching you, so don't blow this opportunity!

    There are only a couple of people who have not been unbanned due to the irreversible harm they have done to the community.

    Santa's Sleigh

    Santa's Sleigh has crashed on the top of Chilliad and he needs your help delivering the presents to the citizens of Los Santos! Head up to Chilliad and pick up some presents, each time you deliver the present to the specified location, you'll receive a ticket (AKA being in Santas Good Books) which can be used to enter a raffle which will be held on the 2nd of January where you can win some great prizes listed below! You can do this multiple times so the more presents you deliver, the higher chance you have to win! The person with the most deliveries will win the special prize! The other prize winners will be selected randomly at the raffle drawing.

    • 1x Special Prize - Business
    • 2x House
    • 5x Custom Car
    • 5x Boombox
    • And many more prizes!

    Christmas Minigames

    There are six Christmas Minigames this year that can be found at Glen Park! All the minigames will reward you with prize! You can only get one prize per paycheck and all minigames are on the same cool down timer. There is also a stage with music playing!

    1: Climbing Minigame
    The point of the climbing game is to climb to the top of the building. There are moving objects and some tricks you will need to think of to make it to the top. Once you make it to the top you will be able to claim a prize.

    2: Maze Minigame
    The Maze Minigame is similar to the Climbing Minigame. The only difference being that it's an in-door maze that you have to find your way out of! Once you've made your way to the end of the maze you will be able to claim a prize.

    3: Falling Crates Minigame
    For the duration of 5 minutes anyone is allowed to /joingame and become a participant of the Falling Down Minigame. Once the 5 minutes are over a round will start and anyone who joined will be added to the minigame. It's a competitive minigame, which means that there can only be one winner. As the minigame progresses you will see that crates slowly begin to drop down and if you fall off the platform then you lose. The last man standing receives a prize and then the round ends. Everything will then reset and everyone can join again before the next round starts in 5 minutes.

    4: Shooting Range Minigame
    The Shooting Range Minigame has temporarily been moved to the Glen Park Minigame area. This is a competitive minigame that can be played with up to 8 players. The objective is to be the first to shoot the target. The person that shoots the most targets, and thus has the highest score, will win the game and get a prize! New rounds will start when there are 8 participants or if 2+ participants have been waiting for 5 minutes.

    5: Present Hunt Minigame
    The objective of this minigame is to find and collect 30 presents Santa has left around in a maze. There are a few holes of death which will cost you a life if you happen to fall inside. You have 3 lives to find 30 presents and once you have collected them all you will receive a prize! There is no time limit and it's not a competitive game, so you don't need to worry about other players snatching away any gifts; they'll be minding their own business.

    6: Crate Maze Minigame

    The objective of this minigame is to find your way out of this maze! Once you've made your way to the end of the maze you will be able to claim a prize.

    Facebook Advent Calendar Giveaway

    A different prize will be given away until December 24th in our Christmas Advent Calendar Giveaway on Facebook! When you see the image below, make sure you Like and comment your in-game name on the status to be entered into the draw.

    To enter the Giveaways you must have Liked our Facebook Page (link below).

    You can also find the seasonal only Christmas genre at your vehicle radios, boomboxes and MP3 players. This contains many exclusive Christmas radio stations!

    Watch our Christmas Trailer below!

    Merry Christmas from Horizon Gaming!

    Contact Information:
    Forum PM: Click here
    E-mail: [email protected]

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    Merry Christmas everyone !

    Former Head Admin & Director of Helper Management

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    Delano Jones
    I wish John W Gacy was here to celebrate.

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    Merry Christmas!!

    Senior Gang Moderator | Ban & Warning Appealer | Hacking Investigator

    Forum PM Click here
    Discord Мiller#3399

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    Merry Christmas!!!

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    Chief ((R6)) of Los Santos Fire & Medical Department

    Past Employment

    Los Santos Police Department, Officer ((r1)) Under James Cornway

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    Merry Christmas!

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    I'm unbanned thanks Zhao!

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    in ur mums pussy
    United Kingdom
    Previous Occupations:
    1) - Fire & Medical Department - (R2) - Previously - Under Martin Sawyer.
    2) - SANews - (R5) - Previously - Under Johanna Rosenberg, Charlotte Dorian, Andy James, Mike Hunt, Jason Delon.
    3) - ARES Defence Solutions - Currently (R0) under George Michaelis.

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    Merry Christmas and Welcome Back to Horizon Gaming people who got mass unbanned.
    Slade Gamble


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