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    Zhao Yhang

    Halloween Events

    Halloween is upon us once again and we have some scary events ready to be unleashed onto you!

    The Halloween events begin Monday (October 28th) and carry on until Sunday (November 3rd).

    Management Promotions

    Before we dive into the Halloween Events, we have some other news first. Effective immediately Daryl (Daryl Grimes) has been promoted to Management and Sols (Josh Sols) to Assistant Management.

    Daryl first became an admin over 4 years ago in early 2015 and served until October 2017, during this period he served in numerous positions and always had the community's best interests at heart. He returned earlier this year in May 2019 and continued where he left off; he been doing his very best to improve our great community wherever possible. He is one of the few people ever considered for the position, and one of only 3 that have made it to Management (without being a founding member) in our entire community's history. Now serving as the Director of Admin Personnel, I am certain he has a lot in store for us still.

    Sols first joined the Admin Team nearly 2 years ago and has a great insight about the issues we face and how we can tackle them the best way. He has impressed us in all his positions, and now serves as the Assistant Director of Admin Personnel, as well as the Director of Faction Management.

    Both Daryl and Sols have been serving the community for quite a long time and have excelled in every position they were entrusted with. Together, and with the rest of AP, they have continuously been pushing for the best possible Admin Team we can have and are always looking to improve the community and the experience for the players. I am proud and honored to be working alongside such community leaders.

    We would like to congratulate both of them on their promotions and thank them for all they have done for the community thus far.

    We also wish them both the best of luck in their new positions!

    "A once-thriving carnival pier was struck by a sudden outbreak of a zombie virus, the infected inhabitants became frenzied and cannibalistic; devouring one another. The military were quickly overrun by the infectious swarms of the undead and forced to block the pier off from the rest of the city, leaving it to stand alone in the bloodstained ocean; marking the remains of a failed military operation. You are one of the civilians left behind."

    The objective of the Zombie Minigame is to survive against the zombies for as long as possible! Weapons can be found scattered across the map to help fight off the zombies, but once a zombie infects you with a chainsaw (gets you below 50 HP) you will become one of the undead and help hunt down the remaining survivors. The last standing human wins the round and will receive a prize!

    A brand new minigame has been added this year, which is called the Flying Dutchman Minigame. This is a survival game where you are placed inside a huge ship, you can find all sorts of weapons and the last man standing will become the new captain of the ship!

    Also new this year, you can help the mysterious Flying Dutchman by delivering the pumpkins to his ship. Why you ask? Only he knows why...

    You will receive $200 per delivered pumpkin though!

    "A Witch has been spotted in Los Santos, get the pitchforks and hunt her down!"

    "Grab your chainsaw and start cutting down - Leatherface style!"

    "Clowns, evil scientists or undead chickens. Which side will you be on?"

    You will also find that we've been joined by several characters throughout the city, who may end up staying!

    You can find the Halloween Minigames at Playa del Seville via the /findhm command!

    Many prizes will be given away during these events, including several donator items! So be sure to participate in all of the events!

    Be sure to also check out our social media, as many prizes will be given away there too!

    Happy Halloween from Horizon Gaming!

    Contact Information:
    Forum PM: Click here
    E-mail: [email protected]

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    Very nice stuff. Happy Halloween, everyone.

    Long Live Horizon Gaming!

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    Long Live Horizon, great work management and admin team!

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    Evan Bishop

    Current Employments:
    ARES Defence Solutions - ELITE Staff Sergeant (R3)
    Junior Helper

    Previous Employments:
    Los Santos Police Department - PTL Sergeant (R3) - Under Oussama Campbell & Aiden Stansfield.
    Los Santos Fire & Medical Department - Lieutenant (R4) - FES Commander - Under Aquin Fernando.

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    Happy Halloween!

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    Happy Halloween people!
    Former Positions:

    Los Santos Police Department

    Head of Administrations and Operations
    Deputy Chief (R6)

    Director of Operations - Captain (R5)
    Director of City Patrol - Lieutenant (R4)
    Assistant Commander of Special Weapons and Tactics (R3)

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    LSFMD CHIEF ((R6))

    Past Employment

    Los Santos Police Department, Officer ((r1)) Under James Cornway

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    Banned = Omar in a cute way :p
    Happy Halloween.

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    Ruki Yamaguchi#5256
    happy halooweennnn

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    Happy Halloween

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