There seems to be some confusion about killing on sight (KoS).

As some of you may have noticed you can not find this listed on the server offenses. The reason for this is very simple:

We feel that the killing on sight rule is an unnecessary rule and that a rule against death matching (DM) will suffice. If you have a valid in character motive then you should be allowed to attack the person. There's no need to create a rule that forces unnecessary interaction between players. In real life if you have met someone that physically attacked you before, then you're probably not going to be sitting down drinking tea with them... or in this game that would translate to spamming a bunch of /me and /do commands.

Let me draw you a scenario:
Player A attacks Player B for whatever in character reason.
Player B manages to escape the attack.
Player B sees player A hanging out at a club.
Player B recognizes Player A, and is armed.
Player B goes to the parking lot outside of the club and waits there.
Player A exits the club and sees Player B run up to him and finish him off with two rounds of a Desert Eagle.
A car pulls up and picks up Player B, then the car speeds off.

There was no interaction necessary through the chat for the hit to go down, and there's no reason to call it non-role play since player B had a valid in character reason to kill player A.

This absolutely does not mean you can go on a killing rampage, and quite obviously reasons such as "I don't like his hat" or "he looked at me weird" will not be accepted as valid reasons to kill someone. In other words: If there was no provocation and if you do not have a valid in character reason to attack someone then you will still be imprisoned for death matching.

November 6th 2016 update: While KOS (killing on sight) is permitted if a person has a valid reason to kill someone, it is no longer allowed to kill on sight if the reason for the kill is older than 24 hours. In other words, if the reason you are killing someone is due to an occurrence 24 hours (or longer) prior to now then you may not kill them on sight and you must first interact with the player. If you do not engage the person enough with a decent amount of roleplay then it will be deemed DM (one line is not sufficient) — this will be at the discretion of the admin.