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    [TUT] Mega-tutorial of everything in HZRP

    Table of Contents
    Connecting to the Server AND Teamspeak
    Starting off in the Server
    Familiarizing yourself with the business's
    Advanced Chat Commands
    Teamspeak Commands/Options
    Familiarizing yourself with the Car System
    Familiarizing yourself with the Housing System!
    How to use the banking system
    Material Running
    How to Donate for HZRP!

    Connecting to the Server AND Teamspeak

    To connect to the server you must first download SA-MP From this Link. then after it is done downloading, run the .exe file it gives you (Should be : sa-mp-0.3x-R1-2-install or similar) and install it. You will need Grand theft auto VERSION 1 to be able to use SAMP properly. Once you are done with that you will need to add the server by clicking on the Checkmark button (Shown below in picture) and type in the IP for HZRP (Also shown below) then click OK.

    Then once you have clicked OK your end result should look something like this:

    Once you have finished with that step you will need to enter your username.. Your username MUST be RP or you will be kicked and told to change it (Example: Alex_Salandor NOT Alex_BigCock or Zanakinz) And you will have to place that in the NAME box in the upper center right above PING and PLAYERS (wont add picture as its kind of self-explanitory .. will if requested though). Once you get done with that part, you must log in and register a password to your account and watch the tutorial. (More tutorials about ingame will follow this is just for connecting)


    You will need to download the latest TeamSpeak 3 client which can be found at this link. Once you have downloaded it you should have another .exe named TeamSpeak3-Client-win64- or similar. Run and install the program and then click Connections(Shown in picture below)

    Then type in your Nickname/Username you typed for the server and the IP to the Teamspeak(Both will be shown where to put them in picture below)

    Then just click connect and you are in! General chat's are easy way to chat with some people and say hello! (There will be more tutorials on Teamspeak commands etc soon)

    Starting off in the server
    Now I know starting off in a brand new server is very challenging for most of us (Unless your a leetist haha) so the first thing you will want to do is register as mentioned above (Also shown below).

    Then you will be asked what gender you want your character to be (All it does is change the skin from female or male)

    Then you will be asked your age (SOME AGES ARE REQUIRED FOR CERTAIN FACTIONS/FAMILIES .. like FBI) and after all that is done you will proceed to the tutorial


    There are a few chat commands... I will list the basic ones in this segment of the tutorial:
    IC CHAT:
    /l (L) is used for quietly talking to people (It doesnt have a big-range and is useful in cars) heres an example of it being used:

    Normal chat (Does not require a command) heres an example of it being used:

    /me (Emotion chat, or action chat) heres an example of it being used:

    /do (Action Chat, more used for confirmations of /me) heres an example of it being used:

    /b (Used for OOC local chat)

    /toggc (To turn on Global OOC Chat) then /g (Used for OOC Server-wide Chat) heres an example of it being used (The Orangish text):

    /newb (Help chat for scripting Q/A or normal Q/A ONLY .. DO NOT MIX /g with /newb or you WILL be MUTED!) heres an example of it being used (The blue text):

    /w (Used for OOC'ly or IC'ly whispering [most use for OOC] a specific person .. but you need to be literately next to the guy) heres an example of it being used:

    Big thanks to Alex_Salters for helping me out on the Chat segment of this tutorial!

    Once the tutorial is done proceed to find a car (Do not jack one or you may be killed for IC Car-Jacking).. Then you should go and type in /findjob which will pull up this menu:

    And choose any job you want .. the best starting jobs would be Trucking or Street Sweeping.. you can type in /jobhelp for more information but Street sweeping you just drive around and every minute you get $150 and in trucking you make cash every delivery you make BUT the only difference is you can level up your trucking skill and make more and more cash.. (Do not choose blueberry until you get your own car / feel ready to do that job). It will show a checkpoint after you choose what job you want.

    And once you reach your destination (The red checkpoint) you can find an i (information marker) and stand on that and do /join then it'll ask if you want to join the job then type /acceptjob.


    And after you work awhile and earn around say 3,000 dollars you should head over to the dealership "Junkers" .. To find it just type in /finddealership

    then once you finally get there you can choose from an assortment of cars I suggest the saddler since its the cheapest

    Once you choose the car you want just get in to the car by pressing F and you will be prompted with the BUY Menu:

    Then once you buy the car you will be teleported with your new car! You can now use /vstorage to check on your car (To spawn or despawn it)!

    Major thanks to Don_Thomax for helping me out with this segment (The car segment)

    Familiarizing yourself with the business's

    First things first, you need to buy stuff! The obvious business's are the Pay-N-Spray to heal your car .. You need $100 on hand to use it but once you use the Pay-N-Spray it'll give you your $100 back so essentially its free. There are tons of other business's aswell such as an advertisement store where you go in and /buy and place a priority ad for $800 and it gets displayed to everyone in the server (or a normal ad but it just gets put on a list and no-one sees it unless they check the list)

    Once you get inside type /buy and you will get prompted with this list:

    Then click Priority ad (or normal ad but priority will let everyone know) which will cost $800 then type in your message and you'll send it everywhere as showed below:

    ((LOL I got a house off that ad too! Thanks Bon_Clay!))
    Next you will have a 24/7 which is useful for all your general supplies such as a phone (So you can /call and /sms people .. more explained further in this tutorial) and buying spraycans and locks for your car (More explained later in the tutorial) and much much more useful items! To buy in this store use /buy when inside.
    Cell Phone - Useful for calling and SMSing other players.
    Phone Book - Useful for looking up other peoples phone numbers
    Condom - Have this is you want to get your knickers off by a whore otherwise you'll get some STD's
    CD Player
    Spray Can - Allows you to spray your car different colors/paintjobs
    Rope - Tie people up when they are a passenger in your car.
    Cigar - Smokes a Cigar (has an emote)
    Sprunk - /usesprunk and keep left clicking it will heal you
    Portable Radio - Allows you to IC'ly chat with other players on the same frequency
    Camera - A normal camera, good for Screenshots and CIA work.
    Vehicle Locks:
    Alarm Lock - Makes beeping noise when someone steals your car
    Industrial Lock - Wont let anyone in if you /lock it
    Family Locks:
    Must be R6 in a family to buy ((Will need to be updated when I hear what it does))

    And another favorite type of business you will have is a gun business that will sell only a few guns but all legal ones (To get illegal ones you must buy them from an arms dealer). To buy in this store use /buy when inside.
    They sell:
    Country Rifle

    And another type of business is the clothes business which will allow you to change your skin to look like CJ For instance.. You are not able to buy Faction or Family restricted skins (such as a cop skin). The commands are : /buytoys and /buyclothes
    Outside the shop:

    Inside the shop:

    When using the commands you will see this screen (To get skin ID's go here: SAMP Skins

    And finally the food business's such as Pizza Stack, Cluckin bell, and Burgershot are common food types and sell an assortment of foods. To buy in this store use /buy when inside.

    P.S: With the business update there is now business's that have the interior and sell the exact same items but with different locations .. like on the side of a wall. You will know its a business if it has a blue house)

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    Advanced Chat Commands
    Now advanced chat commands arent too hard, but may be frustrating when you are just starting off... I'll be splitting them apart from IC and OOC as I did for the basic chat commands.

    /f - Family chat which is supposed to be used for OOC.

    (Courtesy of Avan_Gibbz!)

    /pr - Personal Radio chat

    /r - LEO Radio channel (Your department only)

    /d - Department Chat (All the LEO Department chat)

    /dispatch - Dispatch chat

    /sms - Message someones phone #

    /call - Call someones phone #


    /number [PLAYERID] (You will need a phonebook for this) - Will give you there Phone number (if they have a phone)

    Teamspeak Commands/Options

    A major part of the teamspeak channels is that you need push-to-talk and therefor that is what we will go through first! First we will need to click the settings tab then click the options button:

    Then once you click that you should get a window like below .. once you are there click Hotkeys and add as highlighted below:

    Then click the Push-to-Talk action in and click "Default" from the drop down menu .. then at the top click "No Hotkey Assigned" and put whatever hotkey you want .. such as Left CTRL (Thats a popular one)

    And thats basically all you really need... theres more advanced stuff but it's almost never used. But here is the last buttons you need to know.

    Familiarizing yourself with the Car System

    The car system used to be a fairly simple system to maneuver but now with the recent update it is now a little bit more challenging. We will start with lock's and such. There are two types of locks in HZRP:
    Alarm Lock - Just beeps when someone enters your car.
    Industrial Lock - Will not let the person in your car if you /lock it
    The alarm lock costs $1,000 and the industrial lock costs $5,000. With the industrial lock you are able to use /lock to lock it from everyone (even yourself) and just type it one more time to unlock it. Another thing is to mod / paint your car you need to buy a spraycan from a 24/7 and type in /colorcar [ID] [ID] and/or /paintcar [0-6] to get the SAMP Color id's use this website here. If you want to save those changes just type /park (It will NOT park if you have a damaged vehicle [smoke]). There are also cool commands to make your car do certain things.. such as /car [Variable]
    /car hood - Will lift your car's hood up
    /car lights - Will turn your car's lights on (if not damaged)
    /car trunk - Will lift your car's trunk (If applicable)
    /car engine - Will turn your engine on or off
    With the new update if you damage your car you will need to frequently turn on your engine as your engine will blow out by itself.. can be annoying so be sure to use the Pay-n-Spray frequently! And as explained above use /vstorage to spawn your car (it will respawn wherever you parked it last). And if some asshole steals your car (It happens more than you think) you can use /trackcar and it will give you a red marker to the last location it was seen at.

    Familiarizing yourself with the Factions and Families!

    Well, this is quite a big tutorial part.. so I will be splitting it up into 2 parts.


    Factions are great, most of them give you free guns, hospital bills, colored names, and skin changes who could want more! Some of the greatest and most active factions are:
    LSPD - Blue name
    LSMFD - Pink name
    The rest of this list shows equally as great factions but maybe not as active OR high member count:
    ARES - Light blue Name
    SASD - Orange name
    FBI - Blueish Purple name

    Each faction has their own benefits but the majority of them offer free hospital bills colored names and free guns
    LSMFD gets paid everytime you bring a patient back to the hospital..

    While the LSPD is biggest faction and is able to patrol LS (The main city) freely.

    The FBI are an undercover agency that does case files on criminals.

    ARES is a private military company that handles the shit with brute force when the other LEO (Law Enforcement Officer) Factions cannot.

    SASD is the sheriff's department which entitles them to patrol all of the country and LS with permission from the LSPD.

    The government's job is to protect the mayor and the mayor has the job of making rules for the LEO factions.

    SANews job is to broadcast the news of whats happening in Los Santos or live interviews to the players.

    The Hitman Agency is a very well known faction amongst the players.. but its very secretive and hard to get into as you must be hand-picked specifically by the director (Which is almost 100% of the time an admin). In the hitman agency you can kill people who are contracted with /contract and get half the contract worth.. maximum is 50k so each max hit you successfully complete you get 25k. (No pictures available.. they are secret)


    There are many families out there, a few famous and long-standing ones will be shown here .. such as Grove Street, AL (Asesinos Loco's), and BHT (Black Hand Triads). The reason I will not show all of the gangs is because I had to choose only active/stable ones as gangs get disbanded all the time so you never know.
    Black Hand Triads - A chinese triad based in Los Santos ... They have asian skins as shown below.. and the outside of their HQ and inside of their HQ can be shown below.

    Asesinos loco's - A bunch of mexicans that came together with the idea of becoming the master of Los Santos. Their main club will be shown below but you can tell them by what they wear blue.

    Grove Street - A gang located at Grove Street which you may remember from the storyline.. they always wear green and their base (Not even a HQ really) is located below:

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    Familiarizing yourself with the Housing System!
    ((Will do this one later, i'm still learning a bit more about it!

    How to use the banking system
    Now I know that we all don't want to get robbed on the street so the best solution is to use a bank.. and heck it even gives you interest for how much is in your bank per paycheck. There are a few ways to use the banking system, you can always walk into a bank such as mullholland bank:

    or you could just use an ATM which is located all over LS+Dillimore, The ATM's are more convenient but it also does come with a price... it takes 3% away from you which could be annoying but it is the price of Convenience. The commands for the banking system are split between the normal banking and the ATM , both will be listed below:

    /withdraw [amount] - Take money into your bank account
    /deposit [amount] - Put money from your bank account
    /balance - Check how much money your bank has.
    /wiretransfer [id] [amount] - Transfer money to someone elses bank account (Usually used for high amounts such as 300k)

    /awithdraw [amount] - Take money from your bank account (With a fee of 3%)
    /adeposit [amount] - Put money into your bank account
    /abalance - Check your bank account balance
    /awiretransfer [id] [amount] - Transfer money to someone elses bank account.

    Material Running
    Due to popular request this has been added (It's been requested on /newb for a very long time and it seems this is a common question) so I decided to make a tutorial showing how to do MP1 (Material Pickup 1) and MP2 (Material Pickup 2) with their routes and where to start. I will be splitting this up into two parts : MP1, and MP2. A lot of people believe MP1 is the best, and the others think MP2 is the best but I preferably enjoy MP1 as you have less chance of meeting some asshole who will ram your car/bike. MP1 Has an underground (sewers) route so it will not be as easily mapped on the pictures, but I will try my best. To become a material runner you will need to join the Craftsman or Arms Dealer job.. Getting materials is not just a great way to make money but you can also craft some pretty cool stuff such as a wrist-watch (always shows time) and a GPS (Shows where you are at in the map [useful for LEO's]).

    /pbounds [MP1/MP2] - Will put a red checkpoint on where to start the material pickup if you are lost ((Just type /pbounds with no name etc and it'll bring up a list of points))

    In mp1 you will want to start and finish at these two points (showed in the circles below)

    then you will want to go down into the sewers and follow the path straight (Showed where to go in the map).

    then once you hit a dead end you will want to turn left (do not get out of the sewers though)

    you should be in a place that looks something like this:

    keep following that straight until you reach an area that splits off, you will want to go right and then follow that all the way down

    once you hit the final time to turn it should look something like this, just get out of the sewers using that ramp

    And your final destination should look like this:

    P.S: Something not showed in the guide is that when the sewers splits, if you follow the other path there should be a ramp on the left where you can use a pay-n-spray to repair your vehicle.

    MP2 is a lot easier to memorize but has risk of hitting other cars, or people just intentionally ramming you or even gang shootouts.. So its risky but easier.. The best route and the start and finish points will be showed on the map below:

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    Final Reservation Feel free to post now
    Oh and please do suggest things I should put into the tutorial.. more indepth etc and I will no questions asked! Also thanks for all the positive comments!
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    Nice tutorial man..

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    Thanks, theres tons more to come.. that table of contents is about 1/3 of what I plan to have in here.. maybe 1/4

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    Good job man.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zanakinz View Post

    /f - Family chat which is supposed to be used for OOC.

    (Courtesy of Avan_Gibbz!)
    DAS ME!
    Avan Kuchera

    Forever Loyal

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