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    Angry Administrative Complaint Against - Teddy

    In-game Name: Jack_Wattangus
    Admin's Name(s): Teddy
    Date of Occurance: 21.10.2019 23:25

    What Did the Admins do?:
    He put me in the jail for DM, even though it was all under an actual IC reason. I got robbed by Luca Podolski, and he said i gotta do a mission for him. Our plan was to betray a mafia, which kicked him out of him. We went at them, shot them and i got sent to the jail. I tried to connect with him, and most importantly I tried to explain to him that i actualy did whole that behind RP and IC reasoning, but all he did , was re-ask what i texted him at first, which was just explaining everything i just said, and after that he hit me with the hard - ''?''. My other partner tried to communicate with him aswell, but clearly that didnt happen. He doesnt care about anything, and couldnt care less about his players.


    Mine conversation with the man himself:
    After the ? he didnt answer anymore, and went on with his perfect life.

    The 1/5 half of the whole RP, i dont have the SS of the rob part, the beginning, because i thought the server admins were atleast a little bit mature, and know what theyre doing. this is when we planned what we were doing, he went in and after that i start shooting, etc.

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    Wrong section pal, use this link to make an admin complaint

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