General chat rules — in-character channel (normal chat, /s, /l) and out-of-character local channel (/b)

No Metagaming. In-character dialogues should be totally independent from out-of-character dialogues.

  • Internet terms (such as "lol", "lmao", "wtf", "ffs") are not allowed on the IC chat.
  • Out-of-character messages ("hello admin!", "make me hunted", "i got killed") should not be sent in IC chat - use OOC chat (/b) instead.
  • The usage of brackets at the end of the message "))" in some channels indicate OOC speech.
  • Abbreviations may be allowed in the IC chat, as long as they're in-character (such as "MW" for Most Wanted).
  • Any sort of offense said through OOC chat (/b) is not considered an IC reason to start any kind of situation.

Speak English. English is the official language of our community.

  • Speaking foreign languages is allowed through the local OOC channel (/b).
  • Foreign languages are not allowed in-character (IC). Foreign words and phrases are permitted (to roleplay speaking a foreign language ICly, use [Insert Language] in the IC chat).
  • Public channels (such as /newb and /g) are restricted to English only.

No Spamming. All forms of spam (repeated messages, repeated letters, random symbols, upper case) are forbidden.

  • Sending several similar chat messages may also lead to a punishment, depending on the context.
  • Spamming commands that appear publicly in chat (such as /dice) may also lead to a punishment, depending on the context.
  • There is an exception for gang members (and gang members only) participating in point while it is active.

Private messaging (/sms, /w)

/sms and /w are in-character (IC). You're permitted to use these channels for OOC messaging, but we recommend that you use closed brackets "))" at the end of your message to indicate an OOC context.

  • You may not use /phonebook to SMS another player ICly unless you know their name ICly.
  • These commands can be toggled by using /togphone and /togwhisper respectively.
  • You are permitted to use abbreviations over SMS; for example: 'wtf' or 'omw', since it's a phone text message.

Global channels (/g, /dc, /o, /ec, /tec)

Global channels are out-of-character (OOC). As said before, it's mandatory to only speak English in these channels.

  • You are not allowed to advertise roleplay items, events or services on these channels. If you want to buy/sell stuff, use /ads instead.
  • You are not allowed to sell/buy accounts through the global channels.
  • You are not allowed to call backup, or ask for in-character help, through the global channels (OOC backup).
  • You are not allowed to notify other players about a capper (even though point is OOC, do not say "capper" on /g).
  • Do not use the global channels for in-character purposes anyhow (such as calling players to bet you in the Casino).

Community help channels (/newb /c)

Community help channels are out-of-character (OOC). Their purpose is to provide assistance for newcomers & players with questions about the game script, or the game rules.

  • You may use the /newb channel for questions & answers only. You may send a question/answer each 15 seconds.
  • Do not advertise items through these channels. Do not use these channels for any sort of in-character purposes.
  • Do not engage in conversations through the /newb channel. Question -> answer, simply.
  • /newb answers should be answered on /newb. Do not answer them in the Global Chat. Respect the cool-down.
  • All forms of /newb abuse may lead to a mute. This channel is taken very seriously.
  • Providing false answers through the /newb channel may lead to a mute, depending on the situation.

Advertisement channel (/ads)

The advertisement channel is strictly in-character (IC). This channel is the main form of advertising in-game items.

  • Any form of OOC speech is forbidden. The usage of brackets may also lead to a mute.
  • Roleplayed advertisements of illegal products may result in Police Charges.
  • You are allowed to organize in-character events ("party at Zhao Yhang's house!") & share services ("Blackjack bets in the Casino, come!") through the advertisement channel. Using OOC channels (such as /g) for these purposes may be deemed Metagaming and lead to a fine/mute.
  • This channel supports HEX colors (such as "{FFFFFF}"). Check this guide for instructions.
  • Do not advertise items that can't be sold in-game, such as books or movies.

Faction radio channels (/d, /r)

Faction radio channels are in-character (IC). These channels are important for faction communication.

  • These channels can be used for every sort of faction communication, and each faction may enforce specific rules.
  • Using brackets to indicate OOC speech on the faction radio (/r) may be tolerated or not, depending on the faction.
  • Some factions may require you to use a private radio frequency to communicate in OOC speech (/pr) instead.
  • The department radio (/d) must be absolutely clean from metagaming, spamming & even OOC speech: avoid it at all costs.

More details in the Faction Rules thread.

Family channels (/f, /pr, /cr)

The family chat (/f) is deemed out-of-character (OOC). It may be used for communication & organization between family members.

  • Do not use the family chat (/f) to call for backup. Use /fbackup and a private radio (/pr) frequency instead.
  • Any forms of spam may still lead to a punishment, and are not allowed.
  • The same rules from the family chat (/f) are applied to the crew chat (/cr).
  • You may be allowed to speak foreign languages in these OOC channels, but your family leaders may request administrative intervention if necessary.
  • The private radio (/pr) is deemed in-character. Spamming and metagaming through it is not allowed.

Broadcasting channels (/gov, /m, /nr, /live)

Broadcasting channels are strictly in-character (IC). These commands should be used with caution, as several players may receive such chat messages.

  • The /gov command may only be used when a department has important announcements to make.
  • The megaphone (/m) should only be used ICly, such as in vehicle chases and roleplay events.
  • Every text sent in any of these chats should be properly written in English and easily understood.
  • The abuse of any of these commands (metagaming, spamming, non-roleplay behavior) may lead to a severe punishment.

Report channel (/report, /rdm, /reply)

This OOC channel is used for communication between players and administrators. It's a serious channel and should be used wisely. You may find reporting tips (/reporttips) in-game.

  • Use the /report command to report situations actively occurring in-game: rulebreaking, hacking, bugs and any sort of issues that require administrative assistance.
  • For situations not actively occurring in-game, as when the accused player is not online anymore, you might want to post a Complaint instead.
  • Use the DM report command (/rdm ID) to report deathmatchers.
  • Use /reply to speak with the administrator resolving your report. Speak English and do not spam administrators over this channel.
  • Hackers may or may not be dealt with immediately, depending on the scenario. If found hacking, they will be banned on sight. If the accused player is acting suspicious, he may be investigated. Any sort of evidence can be forwarded in a Hacking Complaint.
  • Avoid contacting administrators if helpers are available and able to assist you with your issue. Use /newb and /requesthelp.
  • Tell the truth. False reports may lead not only to a mute, but to severe punishment for providing false statements.

Appealing mutes

When you break any of these rules, you may be muted. If you have been muted on a channel, proceed as the following.

  • If muted on /g, /dc or /report, you must wait for your mute to be lifted. This can take from 15 minutes to a day.
  • If muted from /newb or /ads, you must /report for an unmute. Admins will then decide whether you receive an unmute proposal or not.
  • If your mute is taking over a day to be lifted, you may be permanently muted. Then post an Administrative Request informing you're permanently muted, explaining the date and reasons of such mute, and why would you like to be given another chance after breaking the rule several times.

WARNING! Violating any of these rules may lead to several forms of punishment (mutes, fines, imprisonments).