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    Zhao Yhang

    Staff Promotions, Famed Applications & Advisory Council

    New Assistant Management

    As of today Toni (Toni Freeman) has been promoted to Assistant Management. Toni was among the very first members of our community and among the very first admins in 2012. Despite a few breaks from the community he always remained loyal to it and served it as best as he could. In August 2018 he returned to our Admin Team and ever since he has been performing exceptionally in numerous positions and climbed through the ranks to become a Head Admin. He has served the community faithfully in his term as the Director of Gang Management and is currently the Helper Manager and part of the Admin Personnel team. As the Helper Manager he has greatly reformed the Helper Team into one of the greatest and most active ones we have ever had, and in Admin Personnel he has been in the front line in our continued efforts to improve the Admin Team.

    We thank him for all he has done for the community so far and would like to congratulate him on his new position as Assistant Management.

    Admin Promotions

    Along with our new Assistant Management comes the promotion of several admins who have all served the community very well:

    • McAdam (Martin McAdam) has been promoted to Head Admin.
    • Mirage (Mirage Rodriguez) has been promoted to Senior Admin.
    • Rustic (Rustic Wayne) has been promoted to Senior Admin.

    We congratulate all of them on their promotions and wish them the best of luck in their new positions.

    Famed Applications Open

    The Famed Applications have been reopened! The Famed Usergroup represents players who have been voted as famous within the community.

    The famed application system works as follows:

    • Management vouch: 5 points
    • Assistant Management vouch: 4 points
    • Head Admin vouch: 2 points
    • Senior Admin vouch: 1 point
    • Famed Member vouch: 1 point

    • If the application reaches 13 points, it will be reviewed by Management for final approval and if approved, the Famed applicant will be issued with the usergroup and have access to the private Famed forum.
    • Points will be deducted from the count when an Admin/Famed member says no/de-vouches.
    • If the application reaches -5/13 it will be auto-denied. If you are denied, you can not re-apply until the next Famed opening.

    You may submit a famed application by clicking here.

    The point vouching system is only a guideline and can be over-ruled in the final Management review (e.g. if you are famed for the wrong reasons, inactivity, break a lot of rules, etc.).

    New Advisory Council

    The previous term of the Advisory Council has come to an end after having served the community over the past 3 months. We would like to thank them for their service, advice and recommendations for how we can improve the community.

    The new Advisory Council will serve for a term of 3 months from May 17th 2019 until August 17th 2019. We encourage everyone to participate and engage in discussions with members of the Advisory Council and let them know about all your concerns, comments and ideas.

    We wish them all success in their efforts to help improve the community.

    Rustic - Senior Admin
    Vaas - General Admin
    Robin - General Admin

    Alissa Bebe - Head Helper
    Jamal Bishop - Head Helper
    Jordan Junko - Senior Helper

    Faction Members
    Askalar Rexil - ARES Defence Solutions
    Simon Shelby - Federal Bureau of Investigation
    Johanna Freeman - Los Santos Police Department

    Gang Members
    Karlo Bear - Las Colinas Soldiers
    Duke C Naga - Outlaws Motorcycle Club
    Umar Malik - Sentinel

    Old School & Vintage
    Zack McAdam - Vintage
    Cam Newton - Old School
    Darrin Bowman - Vintage
    Last edited by Toni Freeman; June 6th, 2019 at 02:08 PM.

    Contact Information:
    Forum PM: Click here
    E-mail: [email protected]

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    Jaden Malik / David Thomas

    Jaden Malik | Head Admin | FBI Director
    Undercover Manager | Assistant Social Media Manager


    Senior Admin (Daud) 2016-2017
    FBI Director - 2016
    LSFMD Asst. Chief - 2016
    ARES Major - 2015-2016
    LSPD Deputy Chief - 2015

    Admin Since March 2016
    Known as David Thomas (Daud) 2013-2018

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    Souheil Smith

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    Smol ♥
    ohh my, congrats everyone!

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    all saints
    Nice sir
    sup im owen hope ur havin a nice day bye

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    Lenny Coughlin
    congratulations, this looks juicy.

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    Jack Freeman

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    James Caspar#0125
    Great, congratulations everyone!
    December 12th, 2018: James Caspar has been added as a Junior Helper under Siskos.

    January 31st, 2019: James Caspar has been promoted to Senior Helper under Toni.

    August 25th, 2019: James Caspar has been promoted to Head Helper under Michael.

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    Martin Blakemore
    Jefferson Hotel.
    congratz Toni love you

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    Lana Drahrepus/Dylan Marzette
    Congratulations everyone! Well deserved promotions
    a very cool signature

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