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    Zhao Yhang

    Christmas Events 2018 Winners

    During this Christmas, you all collectively delivered 17,639 presents, the most presents ever delivered! As promised we will award Santa's top ten helpers (the top ten people who delivered the most presents), as well as give out the Santa's Good Books Raffle prizes.

    Santa's Top Ten Helpers

    1. Mikkas Uley - 3,988 Delivered
    2. Rama Erz Warjam - 2,050 Delivered
    3. Oomsy Uley - 1,314 Delivered
    4. Gio Pete - 959 Delivered
    5. Jimmy Lance - 868 Delivered
    6. Rey Zion - 663 Delivered
    7. Billy Carter Slash - 346 Delivered
    8. Kate Knight - 313 Delivered
    9. Nikolai Reynolds - 291 Delivered
    10. Drake Freeman - 246 Delivered

    Santa's Top Ten Helpers can request a special award on the forum by posting an administrative request!

    Santa's Good Books Raffle

    Note: All prizes except the vehicles and awards have been issued automatically. You do not need to claim the other prizes.

    Special Prize - Business

    Mikkas Uley


    Felix Sinclair
    Rama Erz Warjam

    Diamond Donator

    Jerry Sanchez

    Sapphire Donator

    Kai Nguyen

    Ruby Donator

    Sai Chan

    Vehicle of choice
    Vehicle winners should send me a forum PM by clicking here and specifying which vehicle they would like.

    Alezandro Freeman
    Beo Johnson
    Nikolai Reynolds
    Ajzi Slazenger
    Oomsy Uley

    Boombox (or MP3)

    Tyler Miller
    Jimmy Lance
    Stefan Lasme
    Jacob Blaine
    Billy Carter Slash

    25,000 materials

    Kevin Mazzori
    Gio Pete
    Reina Izumi
    Kate Knight
    Jon Beer

    Full weapon set

    Ahmed Havoc
    Dhalia Matsumi
    Rey Zion
    Nick Anderson
    Daniel Malik
    Drake Freeman
    Joe Dunne
    Demarcus Aura

    100 pot & 50 crack

    Tuco Legendre
    Khalid King
    Rayen Havoc
    Zeka Zecevic
    Sam North
    Ros Mafi
    Brandon Sky
    Damien Gamble
    Phanis Shelby
    Dave Malik
    Markuss Makenzy

    100 lockpicks

    Billiam Sinna
    Perry Levis
    Zee Tsu
    Hugh Jackman
    Sara Serena
    George Shelby
    Granicus Mendez
    Kevin White
    Taj Hans
    Marcus Marks
    Karu Shinjuku
    Phill Jonsen
    Carter Vega
    Lucas Domrani

    Have fun!

    Contact Information:
    Forum PM: Click here
    E-mail: [email protected]

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    Congrats, first
    Thank you zhao for the christmas events

    "Standing in the hall of fame
    And the world's gonna know your name
    'Cause you burn with the brightest flame
    And the world's gonna know your name
    And you'll be on the walls of the hall of fame"

    Farewell horizon gaming!

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    Evan Bishop

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    Yudh Rizkas
    Congratulation for winners, you all deserved it!

    Former Special Agent(2) - FBI
    Former Sergeant(3) - LSPD
    Former Assistant Chief(6) - LSFMD
    General Admin
    Former Senior Helper

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    Ashley Flowers
    Gratz guys

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    Kyle Crooks
    Congrats to all the winners!

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    Dhalia Matsumi
    Las Venturas

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    Jay Raven
    Saudi Arabia
    General Admin
    Gang Management
    Undercover Stafft
    Ban Appealer
    Hacking Investigator

    The Ravens
    Dante - Chad - Jay - Franklin - Jinx

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    Smol = small in a cute way :P
    Congratulations everyone! it was a great Christmas

    Contact Smol:

    Forum PM Click Here
    E-Mail Click Here

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    Chad Raven
    Castille island

    Chad Raven
    Senior Admin
    (Helper Manager)
    (Assistant Director of Gang Management)
    The Ravens
    Dante - Chad - Franklin - Jay - Jinx

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