A happy new year to everyone! We hope you had a great time during the holidays!

The long journey...

It is now 7 years ago since we began our journey and had the grand opening of our great community on January 5th 2012. We set out to provide a new home for those who wished to enjoy SA-MP as we do and even 7 years later continue to provide that to anyone that wishes to have fun with us here. After a long journey we have become one of the biggest English speaking SA-MP servers — an achievement we can all be very proud of.

As every year we saw many come, go and return again. We saw new friendships blossom, enemies fight, groups be shaped, gangs be formed, leaders be born, rules be broken, hackers be banned, materials be ran, trucks delivered, drugs be smuggled, shotguns be shot, people get tazed, points be won, events be lost, factions go up and factions go down. We laughed, smiled, yelled, hated, loved and fought but above all we did what we came to do: We had fun, and we will continue to have fun.

Long live HZG.

Double XP Weekend coming up!

As part of the celebration that our community is now 7 years old, we will be having 3 days of Double XP next week, from Friday to Sunday (January 11th to January 13th).

This basically means that you will get 2 respect points instead of the regular 1 respect point per paycheck and that you will be able to level up all jobs twice as fast (two skill points). We hope you will take this opportunity to invite over some friends so that they can get a head start in the game, while of course also making use of the opportunity yourself.

It will be available at all hours of the day!

All-time statistics at the time of this post:

SA-MP server:

  • 11,873,323 logins
  • 14,049,432 connections
  • 854,857 registrations
  • 61,201 hours of uptime
  • 27,506 hackers auto banned


  • 277,517 forum threads
  • 1,828,934 forum posts
  • 35,445 forum accounts

Some 2018 highlights...

2018 was among our most active years, while our previous player count record was not broken, we did see an overall higher average player count. It was also the year we remade the paintball system in the v2.0.00 Update, which introduced several other cool new features, improvements and bug fixes.

Along with that we also introduced the brand new donator club now known as the Maximus Club, which introduced several new donator features.

We also set out to improve the roleplay standards by tweaking several rules, introducing progressive punishments against deathmatching, metagaming and spam, as well as several other adjustments in our effort to improve the RP experience on the server. This is a path we intend to continue going down further moving forward.

In addition to that we also took the hardest stand we have ever taken against hacking by expanding and improving the tools available to our Hack Investigations Department, and introducing the harshest progressive punishments for hacking we've had yet.

The Hack Investigations Department is now among the most active and effective departments our admin team has ever seen, and we only plan to intensify our efforts against hackers.

Our admin team underwent quite a lot of changes, even in the leadership, as some old faces moved on and new faces took their places. The level of dedication, loyalty and hard work admins put in for our great community was nothing short of amazing and they've really given it their all to improve the community this year. For that they all have the community's eternal thanks and appreciation.

We also set out to have the greatest and largest Helper Team the server has ever had, to help out as many players as possible and make sure no new player ever goes without help. This is an on-going process that we hope to complete in 2019, as we would still like to see an even larger Helper Team.

Early on in the year we also hosted a House Auction which brought 33 houses with inactive owners back into rotation and gave more players an opportunity to own a house.

It was also the year we parted ways with our classic voice communications tool: TeamSpeak 3. Which served our community for nearly 7 years until our players elected Discord over TeamSpeak, and we migrated everything to Discord instead. Discord has proven to be a better fit for our community and is a tool that is far more utilized than our TeamSpeak 3 server ever was.

And finally we closed off our year with the traditional Christmas Events, where a lot of great fun was had. We hope everyone had a lot of fun with the events this year!

Moving into 2019...

It will be our continued effort to keep improving our great community moving into 2019 and we hope to set forward the journey we have been on for the past 7 years. We hope you will enjoy this year as much or even more than previous years.

In the coming weeks and months more announcements will follow with more information about what more is to come in 2019.

Christmas Event Winners

The Santa's Helper Event was extended by a couple of days, so the winners will be announced later than originally planned and will be posted some time next week

New Advisory Council

The previous term of the Advisory Council has come to an end after having served the community over the past 3 months. We would like to thank them for their service, advice and recommendations for how we can improve the community.

The new Advisory Council will serve for a term of 3 months from January 6th 2018 until April 6th 2018. We encourage everyone to participate and engage in discussions with members of the Advisory Council and let them know about all your concerns, comments and ideas.

We wish them all success in their efforts to help improve the community.

Malik - Senior Admin
Khalid - General Admin
Romeo - General Admin

Stefan Lasme - Head Helper
Jin Ho - Senior Helper
Eric Campbell - Senior Helper

Faction Members
Jon Beer - Federal Bureau of Investigation
Melissa Keers - Los Santos Police Department
Ueki Shinjuku - Los Santos Fire & Medical Department

Gang Members
Filip Paxton Bebe - The Black Dragons
Sam Adams - Grove Street Families
Dan H Freeman - Mara Salvatrucha XIII

Old School & Vintage
Harry Lopez - Vintage
Martin Freeman - Old School
Granicus Mendez - Vintage

Long live HZG.