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    Nov 2018
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    Jay Gibbs Ban Appeal

    Name of Banned Account:*
    Jay Gibbs

    Banned from:*

    IP Address:*

    Date of Ban:*

    Your in-game level:*
    Level 1
    (If you were banned IG)

    Previous name(s):*
    Jay_Gibbs I believe was my only name

    Reason for Ban:*

    I believe AutoSweeping was the reason for my ban

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    Why do you think you should be unbanned?*

    In the rules it says: "Using an auto-script to automatically complete jobs or earn money.", but I did not use any software or anything to farm streetsweeper. I put my watch on my W and A keys and I did not really think of it as «cheating», but I believe I misunderstood. I am truly sorry for doing this as it is kind of an exploit, and I promise that I won’t ever do it again! I just noticed that I was banned!

    Which administrator banned you?*

    I dont know

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    Use the correct ban appeal form which can be found here -

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