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    Halloween Events

    Halloween is upon us once again and we have some scary events ready to be unleashed onto you!

    The Halloween events will begin Friday (October 26th) and carry on until Wednesday (October 31st).

    "A once-thriving carnival pier was struck by a sudden outbreak of a zombie virus, the infected inhabitants became frenzied and cannibalistic; devouring one another. The military were quickly overrun by the infectious swarms of the undead and forced to block the pier off from the rest of the city, leaving it to stand alone in the bloodstained ocean; marking the remains of a failed military operation. You are one of the civilians left behind."

    We see the return of our annual Zombie Minigame, which you can find it by using the /findzm command.

    The objective of the Zombie Minigame is to survive against the zombies for as long as possible! Weapons can be found scattered across the map to help fight off the zombies, but once a zombie infects you with a chainsaw (gets you below 50 HP) you will become one of the undead and help hunt down the remaining survivors. The last standing human wins the round and will receive a prize!

    "A Witch has been spotted in Los Santos, get the pitchforks and hunt her down!"

    "Grab your chainsaw and start cutting down - Leatherface style!"

    "Clowns, evil scientists or undead chickens. Which side will you be on?"

    Many prizes will be given away during these events, including several donator items! So be sure to participate in all of the events!

    "Try our Trick or Treat Giveaways! What will you get?"

    To enter our Trick or Treat Giveaways, you must like our Facebook page!

    LIKE and COMMENT your in-game name on any Facebook status with the Trick or Treat logo (found above). Four winners will be randomly selected from each status.


    Trick or Treat - 28th October
    MP3 Player: Tac McGriff
    Car: Thor O Naga
    Desert Eagle & SPAS-12: Angela Wings
    20 Pot: Mouad Jhon

    Trick or Treat - 29th October
    Ruby Donator: Chris Fury
    Car: Charles Hickman
    Desert Eagle, Shotgun & MP5: Joseph Buan
    20 Crack: Clio Brixton

    Trick or Treat - 30th October
    Sapphire Donator: Johnny Wyatt
    Forum User Title: Tin Quisada
    M4 & Sniper: Kuruko Tetsuya
    30 Pot + 30 Crack: Bruno Wise

    Trick or Treat - 31st October
    Diamond Donator: Allen Tran
    Boombox: Phoebe Pandora
    Full Weapon Set: Rakim Mayez
    15,000 materials: David R Reyes

    Come hang out at the Halloween hangout spot below!


    Daily In-Game Events With The Following Prizes:

    Free Car Of Choice:

    •26th October Winner: Tyrone Woods
    •27th October Winner: Jack Verderaz
    •28th October Winner: Braxton Johnson
    •29th October Winner: Krazy Lancer
    •30th October Winner: Campanero B. Bebe
    •31st October Winner: Shao Ghetto

    Free Donator Status:

    •29th October -
    Ruby Donator: Duke Star
    •30th October - Sapphire Donator: Charles Dawin
    •31st October - Diamond Donator: Archy Slayer

    The In-Game Events above will happen at random timings throughout the scheduled day, so make sure to be online on the server so you do not miss out on awesome prizes!

    Happy Halloween from Horizon Gaming!
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    E-mail: [email protected]

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    Pretty cool!
    Quote Originally Posted by Blitz View Post
    It doesn't matter. Being rich doesnt mean you dont have troubles or worries. In the end, what matters is what your character is.
    Dont look!!!

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    Feeling excited this coming 26

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    Nice one.

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    Shit lol not first

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    oo ok

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