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    Ban & Warning Appeal Information


    You must ensure that your ban appeal is complete and all fields are fully populated. If you leave any sections blank or did not answer them properly, your appeal will instantly be closed and will not be reviewed. Responses such as "I don't know" or "unban me please" will not be accepted.

    Posting multiple ban appeals will not speed up the appeal process and may result in a warning or infraction.

    NOTE: You may only appeal one account at a time. We do NOT accept multiple ban appeals for different accounts - they will not be reviewed and will instantly be closed.

    Click here to post a Ban Appeal!


    Forum Accounts

    If you're appealing a ban of your in-game account, you MUST use your main forum account. We do NOT accept any alternative forum account(s) under any circumstances.

    If your main forum account has been banned for a long time, contact the (Asst.) Director of Ban & Warning Appeal for their discretion of your forum unban. You can ONLY use your alternative forum account to contact them. However, we suggest you to contact them outside of the forums.
    In-game Accounts

    We understand that you may have multiple accounts in-game. When trying to appeal an in-game account which is claimed to be a purchased account, we require EVIDENCE of the transactions of some sort to support your claims. If you don't have any evidence, we reserve the right to close your ban appeal.

    If you want to appeal a shared account, we require the primary or original owner of the account to post a ban appeal. We do NOT accept any ban appeal posted by a player who is not the primary or original owner. The owner MUST use their main forum account to post a ban appeal. If you use any alternative forum account(s), we have the right to close your ban appeal.

    You can ONLY appeal one in-game account per forum account. If a friend/brother/sister/neighbour or anyone else wants to appeal their ban, they MUST create a forum account for themselves.

    NOTE: This rule may not apply if you want to appeal a ban to your alternative account.


    This section is to appeal your bans. Therefore, if you believe you have been wrongly banned, you may either post another ban appeal or contact the (Asst.) Director of Ban & Warning Appeal and they will review it.

    If you were banned for 3 warnings and want to appeal the specified Admin's decision, you have to post an Administrative Complaint, not a ban appeal.

    NOTE: Please do NOT spam any of our Appealers. Wait patiently and your appeal will be reviewed. Spamming will result in an infraction and may affect the outcome of your appeal.


    If you were banned for illegal modifications/hacks, you will be asked to provide screenshots of your files or folders. You will be held responsible for your own SA-MP folders. If you have edited them after your ban date, we will assume you are guilty of removing or modifying the illegal modifications/hacks that you were accused of.

    If you were banned for illegal modifications/hacks, we will no longer provide evidence from the Hacking Investigation Department's perspective. They will be kept confidential and will only be reviewed by Administrators. If you have been proven guilty, we have the right to offer you the punishment. (See here)

    If you're asked to provide screenshots of your files or folders, you MUST upload them to the website For safety reasons, any other websites/links or videos are no longer accepted.

    You are responsible for your own computer/IP-address. We will not unban an IP-address if your brother, sister or anyone else manages to ban the IP-address, and you will face the consequences. If you want your IP-address unbanned then the banned player should post a ban appeal.

    If you are appealing a ban on Discord, you must provide your username on Discord. This can be found by clicking the “User Settings” button.


    If you were banned for receiving three warnings, your appeal will usually be processed as quickly as possible. However, the Ban Appeal Department maintains the right to close or extend any appeal if deemed necessary. If you have never been banned before (for 3 warning bans), then your first 3 warning offence will always be 7 days. (Click here to view the Ban Punishments!)

    The ban length is determined through a variety of factors i.e. more severe offences will receive much longer bans than the standard 7 days, which are all at the discretion of the Appealers. If the player has been banned previously, the ban will be lengthened depending on the severity of the offence and the number of previous bans/warnings received.

    NOTE: The ban length can also be lengthened at the discretion of the (Asst.) Director of Ban & Warning Appeal if you have been caught for serious hacks, massive rule-breaking, etc.

    If you think your ban length is too long or your ban length is wrong, contact the (Asst.) Director of Ban & Warning Appeal and they will review it for you.
    NOTE: Please use common sense when contacting them regarding ban length.

    Attempting to circumvent or evade an active ban could have serious consequences on the result of your appeal and will extend the length of your ban. Every account found to be ban evading will be banned and your progress will be lost. We use several detection processes and have a zero tolerance policy to evading active bans.

    All unbans are according to GMT +1 timezone (server time).


    Every player is subject to a more detailed investigation if the (Asst.) Director of Ban & Warning Appeal deems it appropriate, and we reserve the right to close your appeal at anytime. If this happens, you MUST wait patiently. Trying to contact any member from the Ban Appeal Department (or other Administrators) or creating another appeal will only further delay the process or result in the closure of your ban appeal.

    If a Appealer asks you a question, please give as much detail as you can in your responses so we can process your appeal faster.

    We try our very best to unban all players on the day of their unban date, however due to the large amount of ban appeals we face it may take a while to review your ban appeal. Please allow some time for this, and in most instances you will receive a response in one day.

    Everyone is highly advised to always tell the truth from the start. If you do, you will have a much higher chance of being unbanned than if you lie and waste the ban appealer's time. You may think it will work out better for you if you try to lie but this will only makes the outcome worse. If you are honest, we will work with you to seek a resolution.

    During your ban appeal, you should remain respectful to the Appealers. Insulting or harassing appealers will result in the closure of your ban appeal.

    Permanent or indefinite bans may NOT be re-appealed regularly. This will lead to an infraction which might result in a ban. Contact the (Asst.) Director of Ban Appeals if you wish to be unbanned, though this is not guaranteed.
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