In this thread, you will find answers to several questions that are frequently asked by players regarding ban evasion.

What is Ban Evading?

Ban evading is the use of any account directly linked to you when you are actively banned. Being banned from Horizon Gaming means you are not permitted to use our SA:MP services on any account. Circumventing or evading an active ban will result in harsh and increased punishments.

I have a brother/sister/friend using my PC to play SA-MP. Can they continue to play on this PC?

Yes, however they should be made aware that if they continue to play on your PC, their own account may be banned if it becomes associated with yours.

Even in instances where they are using another PC in the house, they may be banned as a result of your ban and asked to present evidence that it is their own account.

How serious is ban evading?

It is classified a major offence. We expect punishments to be taken seriously, and attempts to avoid them always result in further more extreme punishment. If caught, your ban date will be reset and extended, and all of your accounts used during the ban-time (including your banned account) will be fined itís total worth.

How can I continue to play at Horizon after a ban?

You must always appeal the initial ban using your main forum account. Once you have followed this process and assuming you are successful, you will be issued an unban date. Return on that day and post another appeal Ė you will then be permitted to continue using our services.

My unban date has passed but my account hasnít been unbanned Ė can I continue playing?

No. You are not permitted to continue playing until you have posted a second ban appeal and have received confirmation from a Ban Appealer that the offending account has been unbanned. Even if the date given has passed, it will still be considered Ban Evasion if you play while your account remains banned.

I disagree with the ban reason. Can I ban evade and appeal?

No. Even if it is later decided that your ban was issued incorrectly, you would still be punished for Ban Evading if you continue to play. You must follow the appeal process before returning to our SA:MP server.

If I have already been caught ban evading then surely there is nothing to stop me from doing it again?

Every time you are caught ban evading, your account will be banned and wiped of any money or materials, meaning you will have wasted your time developing the account. Your ban account will also be reset to the day you were caught and an additional 7 days will be added.

For example:
  • You are banned from 01/01/2018 - 08/01/2018 (7 days)
  • You ban evade on 07/01/2018. The initial ban date is reset - 07/01 + 7 days = 14/01/2018.
    7 days are added on, meaning you are banned until 21/01/2018.
  • You ban evade again on 15/01/2018. The ban date is reset - 15/01 + 14 days = 29/01/2018.
    7 days are added on, meaning you are banned until 05/02/2018.

I have been banned for ban evading, however I have not been banned in the first place!

Create a ban appeal from your main forum account. Please note that we often receive generic excuses and so may require evidence from you that you are not associated with a banned player. Please be patient and remain respectful to Ban Appealers while they investigate.

I have ban evaded. Iím tempted to lie and try to protect myself from getting in trouble.

Ban evading is always going to be an adverse decision and you can expect consequences. However, we always appreciate people being truthful and it may have a huge impact on your appeal. We have a large volume of ban appeals to process regularly, and we are eager to process your appeal just as quickly as you are. If you lie and try to invent stories, we will continue to conduct investigations and you will likely spend much longer appealing than is necessary; this will likely delay your unban date far more than if you are honest with us. Ban evaders who have continued to lie for long periods of time and have wasted our time may well receive harsher punishments than are standard.

What am I meant to do if I canít play?

You are welcome to continue to enjoy other Horizon services such as the forums (unless you have received a separate forum ban). We strongly recommend familiarising yourself with the Server Offences during your ban time in order to prevent any repeat incidents.

This thread will be updated from time to time. So, if you need a clarification on a topic, or if you have any form of suggestion, please contact one of the Ban Appeal Directors.