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    Deathmatching Policies


    Attacking a player without a proper in-character reason.
    Whether you killed the player or not, you will be punished for deathmatching for any form of attempted damage you tried to do to that player.

    Here's a list of in-character reasons that are insufficient to kill another player for:

    Killing over Dicebet No matter how much you've lost to that specific player by Gambling, you may not kill him for winning and making you lose your money.
    Killing over Job Vehicles Regardless of how long you've been using that truck for, regardless if you've just delivered it, whoever enters the truck first upon its respawning when a delivery is made is the 'Main Owner/Driver" of that truck and may not be killed for it.
    Killing over Car Accidents You may not jump infront of a vehicle and then open fire at the player due to you being rammed & taking damage. You may also not kill someone if they hit you whilst you are standing on the right side of the road. You may also not kill someone if you get into an accident due to your own fault like: driving at high speed, driving recklessly, driving on the wrong side of the road...etc.
    Killing over Spam Being Spammed is not an in-character reason for you to kill another player, use [/report] instead.
    Killing over Past Incidents (KOS) You may not kill a player for a reason which is older than 24 hours & if you're killing someone over past incidents, you must first interact with the player for it to be valid once again; refer to this post for more info in regards to KOS rules.
    Killing over Cop/Criminal You may not interfere between a cop vs criminal fight if you're not involved or related to any of the parties.
    Killing over Minigames Tension You may not attack a player for winning or insulting previously inside minigames like Hunger-Games or Paintball.
    Killing over Strangers Defense You may not attack a player if he's a stranger that you don't know, by the excuse of defending him. If you're not affiliated, don't interfere.
    Killing over Car Bait You may not leave an open vehicle at spawnpoints with intention of camping the car to find somebody who enters it so you can kill him for "stealing".
    Killing over Server Vehicles The only time you may kill a player over a server owned vehicle is when the player car jacks you, if you are driving around in a server owned vehicle and you get out and walk away and someone gets in that vehicle after you, you may not kill them.
    Killing over High Prices Offer You may not attack any player who offered you an item which is above the normal average price. Example: Attacking a player who offered you a $1000 vest or for instance offered you a FCR for $500,000.
    Killing over Horn Spam In Vehicle You may not attack any player who spams the horn of a vehicle, use /report and an Admin will deal with it.
    Killing over Medic Saves Patient You may not attack any medic who is just saving a patient, without a warning in advance. This includes medic delivering a patient via ambulance, or administering aid to a patient, you must give a warning to a medic to not save that patient in advance before attacking the medic, LEOs are not permitted to do this though.
    Killing over Insults/Conversation In Foreign Language You may not attack any person that insulted you or from a conversation that was in a foreign language except for english as this is an english speaking server only. So you may not attack someone for either by speaking a foreign language in-character'ly without brackets or through ooc channels like /b or /g.

    Note: The list above is not limited to the represented scenarios alone. Thread might be updated regularly.
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