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Thread: House Auction

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    House Auction

    House Auction

    For the first time in several years we will be holding a house auction.

    Since there are 33 houses that will be auctioned off, the houses will be sold over a time span of 3 weeks to give as many people as possible the opportunity to acquire a house. Each week we will put 11 houses in the house action section.

    The rules for the auction are as follows:
    • You must meet the house level requirement. Which means your in-game level needs to be the same or higher than the house level. If your in-game level is lower than the house then your bid will be ignored.
    • You can only post bids on the threads in the house auction forum. We do not want comments, discussions or anything else. It's purely for bidding purposes so any other post will be deleted.
    • We only accept in-game money. You can not trade in vehicles, materials, pot, crack or anything else.
    • If you wish to raise a bid it needs to be raised by at least $20,000.
    • You can only get one house each round. So if you already acquired a house from say round one then you are not allowed to get another one from that round.
    • We will not trade your house for another house or for anything else.
    • The house will remain as it is. We will not make any adjustments in terms of location, interior, level or anything else.
    • If you bid more money than you actually have on your account then you will be fined half of your total wealth and be banned from the forum for a week for placing fake bids. We will check regularly for the placement of fake bids.

    Click here to see the house auction forum and to start bidding!

    Auction round one (11 houses) COMPLETED
    Start date: May 4th, 2018
    End date: May 11th, 2018

    Auction round two (11 houses) COMPLETED
    Start date: May 11th, 2018
    End date: May 18th, 2018

    Auction round three (11 houses) COMPLETED
    Start date: May 18th, 2018
    End date: May 25th, 2018

    Happy bidding!

    EDIT: A few stats for this house auction are:

    Total houses auctioned: 33
    Total price paid for houses: $33,495,000
    Most paid for a single house: $2,600,000
    Least paid for a single house: $580,000
    Average price per house: $1,015,000

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    Thanks for the major update
    Papa delano ����

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    Happy bidding everyone.

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    cool stuff

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    Daryl's house is being sold *coughs* if he notices this. He'd bid 100m for it lol

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    Ah good
    But still expensive...

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    Nice <3

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    In your heart
    What a great house auction bidding! Thanks papa delano <3
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