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    Security & Password Reminder

    Security reminder

    This post serves as a general security reminder against on-going malicious attempts to cause our community members security issues.

    1. Ensure your Horizon Roleplay password is unique to our server only.

    Your Horizon Roleplay SA:MP password should be unique to Horizon Roleplay only. Using a password that you use in another community puts you at risk of having your Horizon Roleplay account breached if other communities have their password databases leaked.

    2. Our staff will never ask you for your password.

    There is absolutely no situation where a staff member will ask you for your password. We have no use of knowing your password because it's encrypted in our database, which means we wouldn't even be able to compare it if it were for let's say account recovery. So if someone claims to be a staff member and asks you for your password then you should ignore them and report them for impersonating staff members and attempting to steal your account.

    3. Never enter your password outside of official Horizon Gaming areas.

    We have seen some phishing websites surface that promise all sorts of in-game items from unlimited cash to free materials. These websites are always fake and are attempting to steal your account. It will log the information you entered and send it to the scammers behind the website. We have no reason to be giving out large sums of random items like that. You should report people who request this kind of information because they're trying to steal your account.

    You should only enter your forum password at and your in-game password on our SA-MP server ( and at but never any other areas.

    On your browser you should always check if you're actually on Horizon Gaming:

    4. We do not trade anything for positions.

    If someone claims they can make you an admin as long as you give them something in return then you should ignore them and report them. We do not ask for anything when making someone an admin. So if they say you need to send them X amount of dollars over PayPal, buy them a Steam game or give them lots of in-game cash then you need to understand that this is simply a scam. Never in our entire history have we sold an admin or hitman position so do not believe anyone who tries to offer you it because they're only going to scam you.

    5. Be careful of viruses and malware.

    Be careful when someone sends you a suspicious link from an untrusted site and never trust their downloads as it may contain malware with which they intend to steal your account information. If you suspect something might be wrong then run a scan on your computer with trusted anti-virus software. If the scan detects any suspicious programs or applications, remove them immediately.

    6. Use Admin middlemen for Donation deals.

    Be careful when you make a donation deal. Always make sure you use an Admin middleman in donation deals, whom you wire the money to, in which the Admin will hold it until the donation is processed, then the Admin middleman will transfer the money to the donator. (A step-by-step guide to using Admin middlemen can be found by clicking here.)

    7. Watch out for IP grabbers. Do not click unfamiliar links on Teamspeak or anywhere else.

    IP grabbers are webpages that send your IP-address to the person behind the webpage. They will then use this to DDoS you for a certain period to keep you offline. Avoid clicking unfamiliar links on Teamspeak or anywhere else. If you do not know the person then always make sure what it is they are linking you to.

    Also, be aware that URL tags (like on the forums with [url]) can be used on Teamspeak which can make a link seem like something completely different. You can check where the link actually directs to by scrolling over the link and checking the URL at the bottom left corner of your Teamspeak client. See:

    Contact Information:
    Forum PM: Click here
    E-mail: [email protected]

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