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    Quote Originally Posted by Zhao View Post

    A happy new year to everyone! We hope you had a great time during the holidays!

    The long journey...

    On this day 6 years ago we began our journey and had the grand opening of our great community on January 5th 2012. We set out to provide a new home for those who wished to enjoy SA-MP as we do and even 6 years later continue to provide that to anyone that wishes to have fun with us here. After a long journey we have become one of the biggest English speaking SA-MP servers — an achievement we can all be very proud of.

    As every year we saw many come, go and return again. We saw new friendships blossom, enemies fight, groups be shaped, gangs be formed, leaders be born, rules be broken, hackers be banned, materials be ran, trucks delivered, drugs be smuggled, shotguns be shot, people get tazed, points be won, events be lost, factions go up and factions go down. We laughed, smiled, yelled, hated, loved and fought but above all we did what we came to do: We had fun, and we will continue to have fun.

    Long live HZG.

    Double EXP enabled!

    As part of the celebration that our community is now 6 years old, we will be having 3 days of double EXP, from Friday to Sunday (January 5th to January 7th).

    This basically means that you will get 2 respect points instead of the regular 1 respect point per paycheck and that you will be able to level up all jobs twice as fast (two skill points). We hope you will take this opportunity to invite over some friends so that they can get a head start in the game, while of course also making use of the opportunity yourself.

    It will be available at all hours of the day!

    All-time statistics at the time of this post:

    SA-MP server:

    • 9,493,348 logins
    • 11,251,575 connections
    • 705,767 registrations
    • 52,447 hours of uptime
    • 23,679 hackers auto banned


    • 223,421 forum threads
    • 1,502,617 forum posts
    • 30,506 forum accounts

    Some 2017 highlights...

    We started the year out with some changes to the community leadership by introducing the position of Assistant Community Manager, making several staff changes, announcing the completion of the Turf Revamp that was to come and also had a YouTuber visit us!

    Early in the year we introduced the long-awaited and much anticipated Turf Revamp which was very well-received and continues to be enjoyed every day since. While this system can still continue to be improved and enriched it is definitely one of our own all-time personal favorites.

    Plagued by sync / lag issues we decided to set an ultimatum for our host to either resolve the issues or we would need to move elsewhere. Unfortunately they were unable to do so and we moved to a new host shortly after. Fortunately this nearly entirely resolved the severe sync and lag issues we were experiencing before!

    As we prepared for the summer we began to expand our admin team in order to better serve the players of our great community and in preparation for the busy summer times. We also added additional Head and Senior Admin slots in this process, added additional admin commands to make their jobs easier, improved existing commands to start introducing more progressive punishment systems and allowed them to answer certain types of reports whilst off-duty.

    Then came some great records for our community: On Thursday May 18th 2017 we set a new player count record of 286 players and not just two days on May 20th 2017 we broke our record again at 345 players!

    (Many players gathered at City Hall to celebrate the records)

    On September 17th 2017 one of our former competitors Next Generation Gaming (NGG) had decided to close its doors and direct all of their players over to our community and handed us their player data, and while this was sudden and unexpected we certainly welcomed everyone to their new home. Shortly after we allowed account conversions to take place and welcomed the new members to our great community.

    We then went on to break our player count record once again on September 20th 2017 when we reached 367 online players!

    We also decided it was time to launch our very own Discord server and so we did in October 2017. While it has proven mostly to be used for text chat by our community and certainly not the replacement for TeamSpeak we originally thought it may become (for voice), it has still added another element of unity to the community. We certainly hope to utilize it more in the future.

    And finally we closed off our year with the traditional Christmas Events, where a lot of great fun was had. We hope everyone had a lot of fun with the events this year!

    Moving into 2018...

    We move into 2018 with much anticipation for the new SA-MP version 0.3.8 which is currently in testing. The main new feature of this version is the support of server-side custom models, which in the current test versions supports skins and objects. Upon the official release we intend to move to the new version, but more details about that will be clarified as we move forward.

    It will be our continued effort to keep improving our great community moving into 2018 and we hope to set forward the journey we have been on for the past 6 years. We hope you will enjoy this year as much or even more than previous years.

    In the coming weeks and months more announcements will follow with more information about what more is to come in 2018.

    Long live HZG.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maccai View Post
    Baby rage confirmed!

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    Santa helper winners?

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    WHEN's santa's helpers winners going to be announced?

    Jay Raven
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