Points are Out of Character (OOC) fights that occur between Gangs in specific locations.




Shooting before Point

Point officially begins 15 minutes before available capture (XX:45)

Prison 60 minutes

Shooting after Point

Point ends as soon as the Point is captured and all shooting must stop immediately.

Prison 60 minutes

Shooting out of Boundaries

Gang members cannot shoot players outside of Point boundaries (other than chasing out or snipers/country rifles). Sniper Rifles and Country Rifles may be used outside of boundaries to shoot into bounds or at other snipers.

Prison 60 minutes

Wearing non-gang Skin

Gang members must wear their respective Gang skins at Point.

Prison 30 minutes

Attending without intention
to capture

All attending Gang members must attend with a Rank 4+ from their respective Gang or allied Gang.

Prison 30 minutes

Animations in Point

Gang members cannot do any animation/emote in Point.

Prison 30 minutes

Violating Alliance Rules

Gangs may only have up to 2 other Allies which must be listed in the Gang Alliance Roster

Review by Gang Management

Attending Turf & Point

Gangs may not attend both Turf and a Point when they overlap in the same area; they may only attend one or the other.
Prison 1 hour
Gang Management review for Strike

Exploiting Trailers

Trailers may not be brought into Point bounds.

Prison 60 minutes
Review by Gang Management

Exploiting /vstorage

Player-owned vehicles may not be spawned within Point boundaries during Point.

Prison 60 minutes
Review by Gang Management

Exploiting Boombox

Boomboxes may not be placed inside any Point interior (Crack Lab, Drug House, Drug Factory).

Prison 60 minutes

Wanted in Point

Gang members cannot attend Point with Wanted stars.

Prison 60 minutes

Exploiting Cap

Gang members cannot exploit /capture to prevent another Family from capping.

Prison 60 minutes
Review from Gang Management

Lag Cap

Gang members /capture whilst severely lagging or in another Virtual World.

Prison 60 minutes
Review from Gang Management

Healing in Gunfights

Gang members are allowed to heal in gunfights during Point.

Use of /frisk

Gang members are allowed to /frisk without roleplay within sight of Point boundaries. If a Sniper or Country Rifle is found on the frisked player, they can be attacked. Players can attack players frisking them.

Revenge Killing

Gang members are allowed to return to Points after dying (Revenge Killing rules do not apply).

Kill on Sight

Gang members are allowed to kill other Gang members within the Point boundary without interaction.

Civilians/LEOs attending Point

Civilians and Law Enforcement Officers cannot attend Point and cannot retaliate if shot at within boundaries.

Prison 60 minutes