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    [READ BEFORE POSTING] Ban Appeal Information

    Changes/Edits of GTA folder.

    You are responsible for your own SA-MP folders. If you have edited them after your ban date, the Ban Appeals Team will assume you are guilty of deleting the hacks you were accused of.

    If you have edited your SA-MP folders after your ban date, the Ban Appeals Team is not required to post the Hack Investigation Department's evidence on the Ban Appeal.

    Filling out a Ban Appeal form

    You must answer all questions in the form accordingly. If you leave any sections blank the ban appeal will be instantly closed and will not be reviewed, responses such as "you have the ip" or "dont know" will no longer be accepted. You MUST provide an answer of why you wish to be unbanned, failure to do so will also result in the appeal being closed.

    Click here to post a ban appeal

    Wrongful Bans

    This section is to appeal your bans, therefore if you believe you have been banned wrongfully, you may contact the Director of Ban Appeals and it will be sorted out from there.
    Please do not spam any of our ban appealers, wait patiently and have patience and it will be checked out. Spamming will result in a infraction and may have influence on your outcome of your appeal.

    Multiple Ban Appeals
    Posting multiple ban appeals will not result in your appeal being reviewed any faster, it will only result in a warning or infraction.

    Ban Lengths

    If you have never been banned before (for 3 warning bans) then your first 3 warning offence will always be 7 days. We will follow our ban punishments, take a look at our ban punishments.

    Click here to view the ban punishments

    The ban length is determined through a variety of factors i.e. more severe offences will receive much longer bans than the standard 7 day, which are all at the discretion of the ban appealer. If the player has been banned previously, the ban will be lengthened depending on the severity of the offence and the amount of previous bans/warnings you have received .
    If you think your ban length is too long, contact the Director or Assistant Director of Ban Appeals and they will review it for you(Please use common sense when contacting the DoBA or ADoBA regarding ban length).

    All unbans are according to the GMT-1 timezone (server timezone).

    IP Addresses
    You are being held responsible for your own IP. We will not unban a IP if your brother, sister, neighbours manages to ban the IP address, the consequences are yours. If you want your IP unbanned than the banned player should post a ban appeal.

    Whats my IP address?
    Click here to get your IP Address


    If you are appealing a ban on TeamSpeak, you must provide your unique ID. This can be found by going to the "Settings" tab in the top tool bar and clicking the "Identities" tab.
    You will receive your unique ID, copy and paste it into your appeal. NOTE - Do NOT give your unique ID to anyone but the ban appealer or an administrator.

    - We try our very best to unban all players on the day of their unban date, however due to the large amount of ban appeals it may take a while for our ban appealers to review your ban appeal. Please allow them some time to do their job, most of the times it will be answered in one day.
    - Tell the 100% truth from the start, if you do then you'll have a much higher chance of being unbanned than if you lie and waste the ban appeal teams time. You may think it will work out better for you if you try to lie but this only makes things worse for you. It is better to be honest and we will work with you to try and figure something out.
    - Be patient. Don't PM the ban appealers to resolve your appeal. It will get reviewed.
    - Permanent / indefinite bans may not be re-appealed every day. This will lead into a infraction which might result into a ban. Contact the director of ban appeals if you wish to get a unban, this is not a guaranteed unban.
    - Give us a detailed answer on every question. Do not give a vague answer of why you should be unbanned.
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    Changes/Edits of GTA folder - 2/14/18

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