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    Zhao Yhang

    New player count record: 367 players!

    On Wednesday September 20th 2017 we reached a new player count record of 367 players!

    Our previous record was set at 345 players, but we've broken it again with the help of our new friends from NGG!

    We hope that those who moved over from NGG are enjoying their stay so far and feel welcomed at their new home. It is great that many of you have already started calling HZG your new home!

    We would like to congratulate the community and thank all the players for their continued loyalty to the community, as well as the efforts of our admins who day in, day out have continued contributing to improving our great community and protecting the players from rule-breakers, out to disrupt an enjoyable gameplay experience. I'd also like to take a moment to thank the helpers of this community who continue to help out new players by guiding them through the server and community every day.

    It is nearly 6 years ago since we first started out this journey and I couldn't be more proud of all we have achieved over the years. We hope everyone has enjoyed that so far and continues to enjoy it for a long time to come!

    In celebration of this milestone and the arrival of our NGG friends we will be having a Double XP Weekend that starts now!

    For our NGG friends that are unfamiliar with this event; this basically means that you will get 2 respect points instead of the regular 1 respect point per paycheck and that you will be able to level up all jobs twice as fast (two skill points).

    Long live HZG.

    Contact Information:
    Forum PM: Click here
    E-mail: [email protected]

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    USA, fuck canada
    Good job fellas

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    Hemi Nats
    Exhibition Park in Canberra
    Finally !
    IGN : Chloe Grace Moretz, Selena Marie Gomez, Scarlett I Johansson

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    #Long live HZ

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    You're welcome!!
    Thank you for accepting us!

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    Find out IC'ly
    Los Santos
    Great Job Guys!!! #LongLiveHZG

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    awesome guys, Happy to be here

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    Yudh Rizkas
    Whalecum bruh.

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    Nino Ellis
    Lets go level up Jooobssss!!! #LongliveHZG
    September 23rd, 2017: Nino Ellis has been added as a Junior Helper.
    October 5th, 2017: Nino Ellis has been promoted to Senior Helper.
    December 12th, 2017: Nino Ellis has resigned from the Helper Team.
    May 10th, 2018: Nino Ellis has been reinstated as a Junior Helper.

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