As announced previously, the NGG community is closing. The NGRP server was shut down early today and the NGG leadership has directed all of its players to join us and have requested that we restore some of their stats.

The NGG leadership requested that we transfer over part of the NGRP player stats, so over the course of the past couple of days we have carefully been considering what we can do and how much we can transfer over exactly. We had to consider many factors, most notably the differences between our two economies, as the NGRP economy had unfortunately hyperinflated.

Please appreciate the fact that we were not obligated to transfer over any of your items and have never in our entire history issued any refunds of this kind. This is the first time any other server has ever merged into us and we've transferred over anything at all.

After careful consideration we have decided to allow for the following stats to be transferred over:
  • Player levels
  • Playing hours
  • Respect points
  • Money*
  • Materials*
  • Crack*
  • Pot*
  • Phone numbers (only if the number doesn't already exist)
  • Skill levels (only for comparable jobs and skills)

* = Conversion rates were used to determine realistic amounts for our server's economy and these amounts are also capped, see more info below.

As well as some other minor stats such as skins, gender, age and crime & arrested stats.

Everything else is not included in the conversion.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The account transfers are not automatic and each NGG player must get their account converted here:


FAQ about the NGG Account Transfers

Q: What do I do if my name is already taken?

A: If the name is taken by yourself, then we recommend that you submit an administrative request by clicking here and request for the account to be deleted so you can take up your name with the converted account.
If the name is taken by someone else, then you can request for it to be checked via an administrative request as well to see if it is an inactive and unused (level 1 with no playing hours) account that can be deleted.
If the name is taken by another real player and the account is active then unfortunately you must choose a new name in the converter.

Q: What conversion rates were used for money, materials, crack and pot?

A: Based on our calculations we determined the following conversion rates:
  • $216 in NGRP is $1 in HRP.
  • 8 materials in NGRP is 1 material in HRP.
  • 4 grams of pot in NGRP is 1 gram of pot in HRP.
  • 6 grams of crack in NGRP is 1 gram of crack in HRP.

To put this into better perspective:
  • $216,000 in NGRP is $1,000 in HRP.
  • 80,000 materials in NGRP is 10,000 materials in HRP.
  • 40 grams of pot in NGRP is 10 grams of pot in HRP.
  • 60 grams of crack in NGRP is 10 grams of crack in HRP.

There are also caps in the conversion (meaning you can not receive higher than these amounts) on each of these items, as following:
  • Money is capped at $5,500,000.
  • Materials are capped at 850,000 materials.
  • Pot is capped at 500 grams.
  • Crack is capped at 250 grams.

These limitations were imposed to prevent NGRP's hyperinflation from being transferred over, for the stability of our server economy and in fair consideration to our players that did not come from this merge.

Q: Why aren't houses or dynamic doors being transferred over?

A: Because we are already an established server with our own houses, businesses and dynamic doors with players that own them. Aside from the fact that we have our own, which would mean that their locations would conflict and it would undoubtedly lead to houses or dynamic doors being at locations where we already have such items. it also simply would not have been fair to our players from before the merge to go to such a great extent in our refunds. We will however be organizing a house auction in the near future to bring more houses into circulation and allow for more players to have houses.

Q: Why aren't vehicles being transferred over?

A: This was done in consideration for the stability of our economy, the fact that NGRP had restricted and even weaponized vehicles and because we simply do not intend on introducing such an enormous amount of vehicles into the server when we have had no control over the pricing and how or where it was obtained. It also simply would not have been fair to our players from before the merge to go to such a great extent in our refunds. We encourage you to check out our many dealerships in-game to get your new vehicles of choice.

Q: Which skills are being transferred over?

A: The following skills are transferred over: Detective, Whore, Boxing, Lawyer, Mechanic, Trucker, Drug Dealer, Arms Dealer, Drug Smuggler and Fisher. Our skill levels go up to level 5.

Q: Will bans carry over?

A: Generally, no. There are some exceptions with disabled and permanently banned accounts that will need to be reviewed on a case by case basis via our ban appeals.

Q: What if I have an account at HRP and NGRP?

A: If you own an account at both servers you can convert your NGRP account into a new HRP account and transfer any items over yourself. You cannot merge the two accounts into one.

Q: What date are these stats from?

A: The stats are from before the NGG announcement to merge into us, and was given to us by the NGG leadership on the 17th of September 2017.

Q: What has happened to my upgrade points?

A: They can be brought back with the /resetupgrades command. We had to reset these as we have different spawn armor limitations and since we didn't bring over any of the other items that upgrade points can be used on.

Be sure to check out the Guides & Tutorials for a lot of helpful information about our server and best of luck to you all!