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    Our home is now your home

    Today one of our SA-MP neighbors and up to this point most worthy competitor known as Next Generation Gaming (NGG), which hosts Next Generation Roleplay (NGRP) has decided to shut its doors once and for all in the coming weeks. Their SA-MP server is planned to shut down on the 22nd of September 2017.

    Many know that our relations with NGG throughout the course of our community's history have not been very good. I am myself originally from that community and even helped build it for several years, which is why they have always been irreversibly connected to our history. Recently the NGG leadership approached us and informed us of their plans to shut down NGG and stated that they would like to direct all of their players to our community, so that they may have a new SA-MP home and we are happy to announce that we have accepted their offer. They believe that their community has run its course and that this is the best for their players.

    The NGG leadership expressed that they would like their players to have part of their stats transferred over and we will be honoring that request to allow for a smoother transition and integration into our server by NGRP players. Obviously our economies are very different, so we will be using conversion rates to convert some stats over to realistic amounts for our economy to prevent hyperinflation. Out of respect for our own players, no player from NGRP will end up wealthier than our wealthiest players. More details on what will and will not be transferred over will be announced soon.

    In all my years on SA-MP I have never seen a merge of this scale, we therefore ask for your understanding and patience as we figure out all the details. We hope that this reunification will result in some of the greatest times we have had on SA-MP yet and are very excited to see that so many players will be seeing each other for the first time in one server. We hope that old friends will be reunited and that many new friendships will come out of this. We are now, with the blessing of the NGG leadership, the official and rightful successor to NGRP.

    To the NGG players we say the following: We realize that this may not be what you want, there are those of you who have played at NGRP for years; you’ve built up your account; you’ve created a name for yourself; you’ve achieved a lot there and now it may seem like it is all going away. For some of you it may appear as if it is the end of your SA-MP life, your server; your previous home will no longer be there. We know you don’t want to restart everything and to waste years of playing away, so we will be restoring parts of your stats. We can’t promise that you will keep everything on your account, but we’ll make sure what you are given is fair. Your journey shouldn’t end with NGG, we don’t want you to have a new start, just a new home.

    Our home is now your home.


    EDIT: All questions pertaining to account transfers will be clarified in upcoming announcements. We do not have all the answers for you yet.

    Contact Information:
    Forum PM: Click here
    E-mail: [email protected]

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    OH BOY!

    Welcome friends!

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    so does that mean the hitman is going to be available to players now since contracts are in high demands?


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    Welcome and enjoy your stay friends.

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    Good luck

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    Seattle, WA

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    Good luck and Welcome boys <3

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    Welcome boys

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    Who ever is coming welcome

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