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Thread: Recent news

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    Recent news

    Management Promotions

    As of today Vitale (Henry Vitale) has been promoted to Management and Takeo (Takeo Matsumi) has been promoted to Assistant Management. Both have been serving the community for a very long time and have excelled as staff members. I think I speak for many when I thank them for the time and effort they have stuck into this community.

    Vitale became an admin in early 2014 and has held numerous positions within the staff team, under which Undercover Manager for 4 months, Director of Gang Management for nearly 5 months and Helper Manager for 1 month. Most notably he was the Director of Faction Management for 1 year and 4 months and is the Director of Admin Personnel since April 2016. As the Director of Faction Management he greatly reformed factions into what they are today and was a paragon for every Director of Faction Management that came after him. As the Director of Admin Personnel he created the largest and most effective admin team we have ever had in the history of our community. He introduced numerous new admin departments to address issues in the server and raised entire generations of new admins into becoming the new community leaders as Head and Senior Admins. He is truly one of the most remarkable leaders our community has ever seen and we are a better, stronger and greater community thanks to all his efforts.

    Takeo became an admin in March 2016 and has been the Complaint Manager since August 2016 and the Assistant Director of Admin Personnel since February 2017. Under his watch as Complaint Manager thousands of complaints have been addressed and resolved, and he has continued to make it easier for players to report rulebreakers. As the Assistant Director of Admin Personnel he has helped Vitale to greatly reform the admin team into a far more effective and organized team. He is a remarkable leader and we thank him for all his efforts.

    We wish to congratute both of them on their promotions and wish them the best of luck in their new positions — may they keep improving our great community!

    Admin Team

    Right before the amazing record of 345 players back in May we prepared for a very busy summer and decided to scale up the size of the Admin Team to the biggest it has ever been, which included additional Head and Senior Admin slots. This summer we've seen some of the busiest times in the history of our community, so we've been trying our very best to make sure the issues of all players are getting addressed and that those out to disrupt gameplay are dealt with accordingly.

    Alongside that process we have also been improving our anti-cheat wherever possible and moved as much of this as possible to the background so players are less disturbed by hackers, which now also means all auto bans for hacking are silent and therefore don't announce to the whole server any longer but only to the admins instead.

    As always we will continue improving our admin team and admin system as much as possible.

    Recent Attacks

    As many of you have noticed there have been several attacks against our SA-MP server in the last couple of days, but as always we will never give up and never give in to any attacker. Our community has been enduring attacks for nearly 6 years now; nothing and nobody has been able to put us down for good. This time will be no different and we will do our very best to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

    Sixth Advisory Council

    The fifth term of the Advisory Council has come to an end after having served the community over the past 3 months. We would like to thank them for their service, as we've been able continue to improving the community with their help and hopefully we will be able to continue doing so with the help of the next Advisory Council.

    The Sixth Advisory Council will serve for a term of 3 months from the 28th of August 2017 until the 28th of November 2017. We encourage everyone to participate and engage in discussions with members of the Advisory Council and let them know about all your concerns, comments and ideas.

    We wish them all success in their efforts to help improve the community.

    Martin - Senior Admin
    Mandela - General Admin
    Winston - General Admin

    Enejd Stark - Senior Helper
    Giovanni Brusca - Senior Helper
    Sam Tursi - Junior Helper

    Gang Members
    Hakim Kchou - The Black Hand Triads
    Duke Blitz - La Grigia Mafia
    Alen Sterling - Hell's Rangers MC

    Faction Members
    Yarren Giggles - Federal Bureau of Investigation
    Stephen Paul - Los Santos Police Department
    Nick Roselli - Los Santos Fire & Medical Department

    Old School & Vintage
    Tyrone Bishop - Old School
    Rizzo Freeman - Old School
    Inglewood J. Brooks - Old School

    why is this here

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    Grats Takeo and Vitale

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    congrats to the promoted

    what is that securicar doing there?
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    Congrats for everyone who got their new position and responsibility ��

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    Wait I'm on the admin team picture....


    Hired as a Secret Admin on Thursday 29th of September, 2016
    Promoted to Junior Admin on Thursday 8th of October, 2016
    Promoted to General Admin on Sunday 23rd of October, 2016
    Promoted to Senior Admin on Friday 22nd of September, 2017
    Promoted to Head Admin on Friday 26th of January, 2018

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    Well done, Congratulations!

    November 28th, 2017: Alfonso Docks has been handpicked as seventh term of Advisory Council
    October 5th, 2017: Alfonso Docks has been added as a Junior Helper
    October 19th, 2017: Alfonso Docks has been promoted to Senior Helper
    August 13th, 2018: Alfonso Docks has been promoted to Head Helper

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