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Thread: New host

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    New host

    We've moved to a new host

    As of yesterday we have transferred the SA-MP server along with our TeamSpeak server to a new host located in Europe (France). This was done in an attempt to fix the sync / lag issues, and we are happy to report that we've heard a lot of positive feedback so far. We have also conducted tests with higher player counts at high crowded areas in points, turfs and events and all of the results were very positive. While we can't completely take away all the lag issues, it seems to have significantly reduced the issue to a point where it is much more smooth and responsive.

    Why was it moved to Europe?

    This was a much requested change by the community and for our current playerbase West Europe is one of the most optimal locations, but this may very well change again in the future. Due to our scripted sync shooting it is a lot less significant where the server is located, especially in comparison to the past where the sync was less good or compared to the days of lagshooting. Many players now have much lower pings and while some have traded their ping in for higher one, I think you will be positively pleased with far less lag on the actual server and have a more enjoyable experience despite your increased ping. Keep in mind that the difference is only a matter of milliseconds, which means it is only a fraction of a second.

    Are we staying at the new host?

    For now, yes. The results have been very positive so far and if it continues this way then this will be our new home.

    UCP & Highscores

    The UCP is currently down as it has not been linked to the new server yet. The highscores are currently frozen to the last data before the switch as this hasn't been linked to the new server yet either. Both of these services will be brought back online as soon as possible.

    The UCP and Highscores are back online.

    Those with issues connecting to the server are advised to try the following:

    1. Close GTA-SA.exe (if you still have it open) and restart the SA-MP client.

    2. Remove us from your favorites tab on the SA-MP client then re-add

    3. Flush your DNS by clicking here and following the guide

    4. Use Google DNS to resolve the changes faster by clicking here and following the guide

    Or you can wait a little while and try again later, then it should work when the DNS changes have pushed out to you.

    Contact Information:
    Forum PM: Click here
    E-mail: [email protected]

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    There was guys with 360-450 ping and they said their not lagging at all,,but they are Asian.
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    nice one papa <3

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    Great although with higher ping atleast the annoying lag isn't a problem anymore

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    Thanks papa i have now 70 ping

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    It was the old host all this time...

    Where Mr Vitale to represent us in court...


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