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Thread: Easter Egg Hunt

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    Easter Egg Hunt

    Easter Egg Hunt
    To celebrate Easter we've planned the traditional Easter Egg Hunt for this upcoming weekend, which will be from Friday April 14th to Sunday April 16th.

    There is one Easter Egg which moves frequently - once you reach the Easter Egg which could be located anywhere in San Andreas (primarily the surrounding areas of Los Santos, Red County and Los Santos itself), you'll be given a quiz dialog - you'll be prompted with a multiple choice question to answer, the questions are themed around Easter.

    If you get the answer wrong, the Easter Egg will be moved to another location. There's a possibility that the Easter Egg will move back to a place where it already has been, so make sure you note where you saw the Easter Egg, if you find it.

    If you get the correct answer, you'll be given a choice of the following prizes:
    • 20 pot, 10 crack
    • 2,000 materials
    • Desert Eagle
    • 1 respect point

    The Easter Egg can be found multiple times, so don't be discouraged if someone finds it before you.

    This is what the Easter Egg looks like:

    There will also be a Good Friday Giveaway and an Easter Sunday Giveaway on Facebook!

    Be sure to check out our page at for more!

    Newbie Unleashed Animated Series

    This Friday we will also be releasing the first episode of our animated series called Newbie Unleashed, made by our very own admin Devon and Rob Parada.

    Be sure to check out our YouTube channel by clicking here and don't forget to subscribe to see our latest videos!

    Check out this sneak peek of the animated series:

    Forum Awards

    As many of you have already noticed we recently introduced several forum awards. For now there are only staff awards, as we wish to decorate those who have dedicated their time and efforts to the betterment of our great community. We will be expanding this in the future and create forum awards for players too for special events and possibly things beyond that.

    At the present time the following staff awards exist:

    For a list of all the awards along with their descriptions and who has been issued them you can click here.

    Referral system
    If you do invite any friends, be sure to make use of the referral system since it can be quite rewarding. For more information about the referral system, check out the following thread by clicking here or type /refhelp in-game

    Happy Easter!

    Contact Information:
    Forum PM: Click here
    E-mail: [email protected]

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    campus tree


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    Los Santos Fire & Medical Department | Assistant Chief (R6) | Under George Siskos

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    Thank you zhao for everything what you have done to this server and for us
    Last edited by Jake Pennington; April 11th, 2017 at 12:03 AM.

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    very nice
    Quote Originally Posted by Bone View Post
    Thats some quality Turt roleplay

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    Good, *logs onto server, heads to cap MF2 and notices everyone finding the easter egg instead of MF2, laughs*

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    Chad Raven
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    The Ravens

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    Oh yeah nigga

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    Fuck Off
    looks good
    Unbanned - Jay G. Vasquez
    by: Tazz Set aka: Belzee G. Vasquez

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    Former Admin
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    Contact me: [email protected]

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