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Thread: Turf Revamp

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    Turf Revamp

    Today we have released the Turf Revamp (v1.9.40), which is a brand new turf system that has been made completely from scratch and is inspired by the single player version. The previous turf system has been erased and been replaced by a much more interactive, appealing and fun turf system that utilizes much more of the SA-MP functionality. It is a new style of turf wars that allows for a real battle for the control of Los Santos.

    Overview of the turf commands:
    • /turfs - shows a dialog box with details such as the name, owner and vulnerability (in hours) of the turfs.
    • /turf - shows the same information as /turfs, but only for the turf you are currently in.
    • /nextturf - shows what turf is available for capture next.
    • /togturfs - toggles on (or off) the turf colors and textdraws on and below your radar/map, this is a setting (/settings) that saves.
    • /turfinfo - shows who is capturing what turf and how many minutes are remaining until it is captured.
    • /capturf - allows any rank 4+ gang member or law enforcement officer to attempt to capture a turf.

    There are a total of 30 turfs that encompass all of Los Santos that are distributed as follows (the colors here are just to demonstrate the various zones):

    Depending on the gang colors it may look something like this when gangs start taking control over turfs:

    The /turfs command will show a dialog box with details about the turf:

    Each turf becomes available for capture every 48 hours, and attempts can be made to capture the turf via the /capturf command. After which you will have captured the turf when 15 minutes have passed without anyone else attempting to capture it. During this period other gangs or LEOs are allowed to come to the turf to attempt to take it from you — this can be done by either killing any remaining members of that gang within that turf or forcing them to leave the turf and then using the /capturf command.

    Actively contested turfs will blink and being inside a contested turf as a gang member or LEO will activate markers/beacons (in their respective colors) on every gang member and LEO within that turf — this has been done because the /capturf command can be done from anywhere within a turf and with the size of some turfs it would otherwise be difficult to find your opponents. Turfs can be captured anywhere within the boundaries of the turf, but require at least 3 members to be present for gangs and 5 for LEOs.

    After having captured a turf it will take over the color of your gang or as a LEO it will be returned to its neutral state and have a white color.

    Turning on /togturfs will also turn on some textdraws that display who currently owns the turf.

    The /turfinfo command will display information about any actively contested turfs.

    The /nextturf command will display what turf is available for capture next.

    Turfs generate money for gangs, which will be deposited into their family bank. The amount is based on an algorithm that analyzes the activity in Los Santos, which then evenly distributes the generated amount across all the turfs (there are limits, it does not scale infinitely) and deposits them into the family banks of the gangs that own the turfs.

    All turfs also have the Ghost Perk, which makes gang members invisible to the /find command if their gang owns that turf.

    LEOs receive the LEO Faction Pay Increase Perk which gives each LEO member an additional $20 faction pay per turf per paycheck. So for example if they hold 5 turfs then they will receive an additional $100 per paycheck, if they hold 10 turfs then they will receive an additional $200 per paycheck etc.

    IMPORTANT: The Turf Rules can be found by clicking here.

    Have fun!

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    dont bump the bear

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    Great job

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    Awesome , nice

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    Great work.
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    I expected some better perks but eh, it's pretty good I aguess
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    it gives money to gangs, what about factions?

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