The Robbery Rule

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Updated DM rule in regards to robberies:

From now on, robberies may no longer be conducted in public places. Determining whether a location is a public place will be at the discretion of the admin, but generally it will encompass almost everywhere in the city, with the exception of alleyways and other areas that can be considered realistic for a robbery. Having no people around in a certain part of the city does not exclude it from being a public place.

Examples of areas where robberies are not allowed are in and around Idlewood Pizza Stack, LSPD, precincts, Dice Casino, the bank, hospitals etc.

If you do not engage the person enough with a decent amount of roleplay then it will be deemed DM (one line that says "handsup this is a robbery" is not sufficient) — this too will be at the discretion of the admin.

Whilst in the process of robbing a player, the only circumstance in which you may kill the player is if they attempt to escape, attack you or refuse to pay you. If they do not have enough to pay you the requested amount then it is not a valid reason to kill them.

The 10 second rule still applies whilst in a car chase (If you attempt to rob someone who is actively driving a car, you must give them 10 seconds to respond before assuming they are attempting to escape).

The use of robbery binds remains prohibited.

Areas (and Examples) of Where Robberies are Permitted

1. Alleyways

2. Underground areas

3. Backyards

4. House Interiors

5. Rooftops (excluding Hospital rooftops)

6. Factories (excluding Material Factory 1 & 2)

7. Sewer Corners (excluding middle of sewers)

8. Fields (excluding Farmer job)


Kidnapping is allowed in public places for the following reasons:

  • To harm or kill them (if you have an In-Character reason);

  • To bait somebody else to your location;

  • To hold at ransom (if nobody reacts to the kidnapping, the victim may not be killed);

  • To gain a legal (Law Enforcement) concession, for example kidnapping a Police Officer in order for LEOs to free your arrested friend.

Kidnapping may not be used to take somebody to a private place to rob them.