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    Zhao Yhang

    Christmas Event Winners

    With the Christmas Season now officially over, it's time for us to award the lucky members of the community the prizes they have won.

    This Christmas 12,064 presents were delivered by Santa's Helpers!

    Note: All prizes except the business, houses, vehicles, custom user titles have been issued automatically. You do not need to claim the other prizes.

    Santas Top Ten Helpers

    1. Lex Flame - 809 Delivered
    2. Cesar Delarica - 595 Delivered
    3. George Siskos - 522 Delivered
    4. Yudh Warjam - 319 Delivered
    5. Doc G Hardwood - 308 Delivered
    6. Lance King - 283 Delivered
    7. Ellaine Abigail - 281 Delivered
    8. Vega Johnson - 280 Delivered
    9. Peter Mazzori - 259 Delivered
    10. Russell Dalmasca - 258 Delivered

    Santa's Top Ten Helpers can request a special user title on the forum by posting an administrative request!

    Special Prize - Business

    Lex Flame


    Jay Mcteath
    George Siskos

    Vehicle of choice
    Vehicle winners should send me a forum PM by clicking here and specifying which vehicle they would like.

    Tyler Miller
    Steven Darhk
    Cesar Delarica
    Granicus Mendez
    Peter Mazzori

    Boombox (or MP3)

    Shaun ElArma
    Vega Johnson
    Dustin Hoffman
    Yudh Rizkas
    Danick Vegas

    25,000 materials

    Don Wei
    Jon Silver
    Doc Pete
    Hunter Davenport
    Ellaine Abigail

    Full weapon set

    Carlos McAdams
    Daniel Gom
    Stephen Kenneth
    Mike Flame
    Jozeph G. Wallace
    Luke Nova
    Russell Dalmasca
    Yon Jalal

    100 pot & 50 crack

    Phill Jonsen
    Nick Jung
    Jason Mason
    John Jonsen
    Zhou Shen
    James Almino
    Jon Pete
    Bruno Perez
    Loc Hill
    Lance King
    Lessandra Tyson

    100 lockpicks

    Phil Broker
    Alden C Gearheart
    Nabil Merc
    Vincent Shock
    Jason Delon
    Repsol Yamaha
    Harry Lopez
    Amar Havoc
    Mycroft J Smith
    Matthew McJaw
    Mohamed Tyler
    Ros Mafi
    Dante Rieder
    Billy Carter
    Lubo Rodriguez

    Have fun!

    Contact Information:
    Forum PM: Click here
    E-mail: [email protected]

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    campus tree

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    baguette ofc

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    But i wanted house so much. Now i get pizza stack in montgomery

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    Nice, Thanks.

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    I want a bmx as vehicle please, thanks

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    Brian Powers
    Quote Originally Posted by Lex Flame View Post
    But i wanted house so much. Now i get pizza stack in montgomery
    No problem bro you can give me da biz

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    Why I didnt win I delivred 4 lol

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