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    Zhao Yhang

    Five Years Strong

    In the beginning...

    In late 2011 a group of friends came together and set out to create a new server and worked tirelessly for months to offer the SA-MP community what they believed to be the best way to model a SA-MP server. With feelings of hope we found a name for our new SA-MP home: Horizon Roleplay.

    "To a new beginning!" was the initial thought and all of us were determined to get it done; for better or for worse. We believed and continue to believe that the SA-MP community deserves so much better. We wanted to give the game back to the player. We set out to be balanced, to be fair and to be honest to our players. We tried our very best to strive to perfecting these ideals every day and with us stood many players who believed in the same.

    On the 5th of January 2012 that moment was there and we opened our doors and we gained immediately many new friends and allies. We saw members from different communities throughout the SA-MP community come together and form something new. Sure, we had our share of bumps and troubles. We saw many come, go and return again. We saw new friendships blossom, enemies fight, groups be shaped, gangs be formed, leaders be born, rules be broken, hackers be banned, materials be ran, trucks delivered, drugs be smuggled, shotguns be shot, people get tazed, points be won, events be lost, factions go up and factions go down. We laughed, smiled, yelled, hated, loved and fought but above all we did what we came to do: We had fun, and we will continue to have fun.

    We set out to become stable and build up a reputation as a respectable SA-MP community that will not back down for those who try to hurt the SA-MP community. Unfortunately for that last we had to, and continue to, pay a high price. We've endured a lot of attacks in many forms but the community didn't back down for that either. This is a plague we have had to deal with and will continue to deal with as community since we've said it before: We're staying right here and we're not going anywhere.

    We also set out a very important goal for ourselves, which was to strive to become one of the largest English speaking SA-MP communities and while we know we have a long road ahead of us, with your help, we will continue to make steps towards this and eventually make it a reality. It is a goal that is only realizable with the help and support of the community. With the help of those players who form the base of this community and have stayed loyal to it, and in due time they will be the ones telling future players about how hard we worked for our achievements and some of you will hopefully even be there to say you have been here since the very first few days and never gave up on this community.

    A few personal words...

    I and those who founded this community had very high hopes for this community, but never in our wildest dreams could we have imagined things working out so well over the last couple of years. Of the original Management only Wu Ming and myself remain, but there are many who have continued carrying that torch since and have taken responsibilities of running this community upon themselves for so long now. For me, it has truly been an amazing ride over the last 5 years and I can honestly say that even after 5 years I still don't feel my work is done and continue wanting to improve this community and helping push it to even greater heights.

    As I have said before: The resilience and spirit of this community in spite of unfortunate circumstances, attacks against our community, critics who see nothing but doom and those who are out to damage our community, you have proven that no matter what, our community will never back down. Although some of the original founders of this community have since moved on due to real life commitments, I can say that for Wu Ming, myself and those who have joined the leadership since, even after 5 years now, it is one of the many reasons that motivates us to continue leading this great community.

    It has been amazing to see that so many people with different backgrounds, nationalities, ethnicities and cultures can come together and form one gaming community. To form groups, gangs, factions or an admin team consisting of people from all across the world is something that is very inspiring and we are an example of being able to look over borders and make friendships regardless of them.

    Long live HZG.

    Double EXP enabled!

    As part of the celebration that our community is now 5 years old, we will be having 4 days of double EXP, from Thursday to Sunday (January 5th to January 8th).

    This basically means that you will get 2 respect points instead of the regular 1 respect point per paycheck and that you will be able to level up all jobs twice as fast (two skill points). We hope you will take this opportunity to invite over some friends so that they can get a head start in the game, while of course also making use of the opportunity yourself.

    It will be available at all hours of the day!

    2016 highlights...

    All-time statistics at the time of this post:

    SA-MP server:

    • 6,871,320 logins
    • 8,118,820 connections
    • 499,291 registrations
    • 43,724 hours of uptime
    • 17,060 hackers auto banned
    • 2,591,854 combined total of playing hours


    • 169,434 forum threads
    • 1,160,083 forum posts
    • 23,033 forum accounts

    We started the year by introducing a brand new DM report system to try to combat DM issues, and are glad to report that we have continued to think of new ways to combat DM, but more about that will be released in the coming weeks. At the same time we also introduced an application process for the Old School usergroup and introduced the Vintage usergroup as a token of appreciation to some of our older players. We applied several rounds of server and script optimizations at the same time to try to reduce connectivity and stability issues, and of course addressed several concerns about LEO abilities.

    This was followed by the Castille Island Update which introduced the IC prison known as Castille Correctional Facility, which was one of the most loved and well-received updates and attracted a lot of attention. We know that Castille Island isn't finished and still has work to be done if we want it to continue to be as interesting as it was when it was first released. We also appreciate all the feedback that was given the days after the Castille Island Update that allowed us to quickly make many improvements to Castille based on your feedback.

    We then went on to introducing Project Summit. An ambitious plan inspired by former Assistant Management Ryan (Ryan Herrera) that was put together in discussion with Management and the admin team. We did our very best to hear out our current players by introducing the Advisory Council who went on to make countless suggestions that we've implemented since the First Advisory Council was first introduced and planned to make improvements to the Helper system so that we also reach new and future players much better.

    The Admin Personnel department we had introduced months prior headed by Ryan (Ryan Herrera) was then taken over by Vitale (Henry Vitale) due to Ryan's decision to step down after 3 years of service. Ryan had, together with Callum (Callum Neal), made major improvements and advanced the admin team to a more effective and efficient team. Vitale has taken over that torch since and has continued where Ryan left off. Since then our admin team and admin system has seen countless improvements and has continued to improve in a lot of different areas.

    From here on things went absolutely crazy. For the first time since 2013 we broke our player count record on Saturday, April 23rd 2016 when we reached 223 online players. Not even a month later on Saturday, May 21st 2016 we broke the record once more and hit 239 online players, and just two weeks after that we broke the record once again on Saturday, June 4th 2016 when we reached 275 online players. All while we enjoyed some very fun Double EXP Weekends to celebrate these achievements.

    We continued making improvements by introducing a new dynamic HRP Signature Generator that displays some player statistics live in their signature and updates it automatically.

    We then went on by introducing two new departments: Warning Appeals & Hack Investigation. Warning Appeals was intended to allow players who had not broken the server rules in a long time to appeal their warnings to have them removed, and the Hack Investigation department went on to become a trained group of admins that specialize in knowedge about game hacks / cheats. Since then they have launched numerous investigations into many players and have successfully banned tons of hackers. They will continue to monitor all suspicious activity and ban any kind of hacker.

    The Graphics Design Team was merged into a new team called the Multimedia Team, and with that we also introduced the Video Design Team with each of the two teams having their own Chief. Alongside that we also introduced our official YouTube channel where we released numerous videos including one of our most favorite trailers yet.

    As promised and as part of Project Summit we released the Helper system improvements. This was done in discussion with the Advisory Council and the admin team who made several suggestions on how we could improve the Helper system. This update included many Helper improvements and made the server more welcoming and helped newer players out further.

    The script also received a major overhaul this year, which contained a lot of script optimizations designed to improve the server stability.

    We also took this Halloween to a new level with some spooky mapping, several Halloween events and the introduction of the Zombie Minigame which was enjoyed by many!

    We then released a brand new damage system, which was one of the most ambitious updates we have released in a while, which aimed to greatly improve lag compensation (sync shooting) and that's exactly what it did. Our scripted damage system is far more reliable and accurate than the SA-MP default and many issues with shots not registering properly or at all were fixed.

    At the same time all damage handling was fully taken over by our script and health was made server-sided. This made it impossible to health hack, spawn health, spawn armor or use any kind of damage reducer in gun fights. The new damage system made it impossible to heliblade or carpark any longer as well.

    This new damage system also has a lot of other possibilities we can utilize in the future.

    And finally we closed off our year with the traditional Christmas Events, where a lot of great fun was had. We hope everyone had a lot of fun with the events this year!

    In the last month of the year we also broke our player count record one more time with 278 online players on Saturday, December 3rd 2016!

    Moving into 2017...

    We've started this year with several promotions in the admin team that have resulted in some additions to the higher administration. Delano (Delano Jones) was promoted to Assistant Management for his loyalty and dedication to the community over the years and his work over the last couple of months as the Director of Faction Management. Along with that Takeo (Takeo Matsumi) and Mandela (Josh Lawson) were promoted to Head Admin, and Valerio (Valerio Matthias) and Nicholas (Nicholas Pennington) were promoted to Senior Admin. All of them have served the community for a long time, have excelled in their areas and have made major contributions to their respective departments.

    In the coming weeks and months more announcements will follow with more information about what more is to come in 2017.

    Long live HZG.

    Contact Information:
    Forum PM: Click here
    E-mail: [email protected]

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    yeah great

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    Ask your mama
    let's keep the shit up!!

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    Long Ling HZG!
    Federal Bureau of Investigation 2016 - 2017 (R4)
    Senior Helper 2017
    6th Advisory Council 2017

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    Stephen Kenneth

    “Never give up. Great things take time.”

    FORMER POSITIONS: FBI MCD Commander | Chief of Staff (R5) ~ LSPD General Duties & OIU Commander | Lieutenant (R4) ~ LSFMD HR & FD Commander | Lieutenant (R4)

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    where dem turfs at?
    nice scam

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    lubo turtle
    Damn 5 years, lets keep the spirit

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    I love HZ,


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