Banned before December 1st 2016?

You have been unbanned. Bans were reset on that date. See:

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Forgiveness Day

In light of the Christmas spirit and as part of the celebration that our community will soon be five years old we decided to reset bans in-game, on the forums and on Teamspeak. Anyone banned before December 1st 2016 has been unbanned. We have also reset all account warnings, weapon restrictions, admin prisons and newbie & ad mutes that were issued before December 1st 2016. We invite all members who have ever been a part of our shared history to rejoin us. This is a unique opportunity for us to reunite with many old friends. We hope that the people who broke the server rules or otherwise harmed the community in the past will take a different path this time. We're very excited to see old friends reunite at Horizon Gaming and hope everyone will make the most out of it. A warm welcome back to everyone that has returned!

We advise those who were unbanned to make wise decisions this time by removing all your hacks and abiding by the server rules. Our admins are on high alert and will be watching you, so don't blow this opportunity! Most unbanned players may find their money and/or materials have been wiped as additional punishment for breaking the server rules, especially if they were involved in scamming, mass exploiting or hacking.

Note: There are only a couple of people who have not been unbanned due to the irreversible harm they have done to the community. It consists out of several hackers, mass scammers, mass rule-breakers etc.