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    FAQ about Scamming

    Frequently Asked Questions about: Scamming

    Please read this thread very carefully!

    This thread will be a information thread about our policy against scammers and what we do when someone scam or get scammed.
    In this thread all questions regarding our scam policy will be answered. Do you miss a question or a answer? Feel free to PM the Complaint Managers.


    Q: What is the scam limit?
    A: The scam limit is $5,000. Any scam below the scam limit will be marked as in characterly.

    Q: I have paid someone with in-game cash to import a item, after 7 days I haven’t received the item, can I get my money back?
    A: No, if you haven’t followed our Admin Middleman guide you won’t be refunded your money. We will ban the importer for Donation Scamming and remove the players money & materials.

    Q: I reported 5 times for a Admin Middleman but haven’t received a answer, I decided to continue with the import deal. If the importer scams me, will I be refunded?
    A: No, no refund will be issued as you haven’t followed our Admin Middleman guide. Please be patient & wait till a Admin Middleman will assist you. If the evidence is valid, the scammer will be banned for Donation Scamming and we will remove the players money & materials.

    Q: A player scammed materials of me, can I get the materials refunded?
    A: This all depends what you have done prior to the scam.

    #1 - You are selling materials but you have not used the command to sell the materials, the scam complaint will be marked as invalid.

    #2 – A player is offering you 20,000 materials for $40,000 and a few seconds later he offers you 2,000 materials for $40,000. In this case we will take action against the scammer because they are not being honest about the deal.

    #3 – You've typed /accept mats twice, therefor confirming you will buy that amount of mats for that amount of cash. the scam complaint will be marked as invalid.

    Q: I paid real life cash as trade for in-game cash, it turns out that it was scammed cash, will I get my real life money refunded?

    A: No, we will not refund real life cash. We won’t deal with the scam other then punishing the player who scammed you. The same goes for selling in-game cash for real life cash, we will not refund you.

    Q: Can I request a Admin Middleman for my in charcatcter deal, such as: weapon deals or business trades?
    A: Admin's will not act as a Middleman for anything other than Donations.

    Q: I got scammed because I didn’t used the right commands for the deal, such as: /sellmats & /sellmycar, will I get refunded?
    A: No, you will not get refunded. The commands are there for a reason, if you don’t use them it will be your own responsibility.

    Q: I was dicebetting and someone asked me to play a game of “Blackjack”, will I get the money refunded if the host didn’t give me the cash while I won the game?
    A: No, if you want to dicebet use the command for it. We don’t refund your cash.

    Q: Can I get fined because I gambled with a scammer who’s losing scammed cash?
    A: Yes, you can get fined if the scammer have no cash and the path leads to you. You are indirectly involved and the scammed cash have to been taken out of the economy. No further action will be taken against you.

    Q: My scam complaint got resolved but I won’t get the amount refunded what got scammed of me, can I get the rest of the amount refunded aswell?
    A: Depends on if the cash is traceable or not. If we can’t track the money or the right amount of cash we will only refund you the amount that we have found.

    #1 – If you got scammed for $600,000 and you only receive $570,000 it means that the $30,000 was untraceable and therefor not refundable.

    Q: I sold my car for $1 because we was trading cars, the player ran off with my car, can I get my car back?
    A: No, if you really MUST trade your car, then we ask that you use the /sellmycar command and make the price above the scam limit. At which point if you're scammed, the scam complaint is to the scam moderators discretion.

    Q: I was banned for scamming, I'm sorry, when will I get unbanned?
    A: Your ban will be treated as a "Major Offence Ban", you check that here

    If you need a clarification on a question or if you have any suggestions, please contact the Complaint Managers. All suggestions are welcome, we’re happy to make it as clear as possible for everyone.

    Note: for more in-depth rules and details please go here:

    Rules, questions & answers are subject to change.
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