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  1. I can't SS the script because it literally does nothing if I do, you need to google how to edit CLEO scripts and experiment by yourself.

    Here you go for the ammo.cs.
  2. can u remake it? rgb color 0 255 0 and can u ss the script in sanny builder so i would know how to edit it next time tnx
  3. Already did my guy, check the thread. If you don't like the color I picked, you could always send me one via. Visitor Message and I'll make it for you.
  4. yo can u make it? when i tried editing the color to green and i saved it it became .txt not .cs
  5. btw, nice dd tag, love him too
  6. i was just joking lmao, and why the fuck do you get banned so often, you might get ur account deleted with the new rules for bans lmao
  7. he was behind the sweeper on my screen :VV
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